Saturday, September 18, 2010


Month or so into grad school and still little structure/routine in my life. I've learned to cope. It's getting better, summer has waned but I'm still extremely scatter brained. Ideas are everywhere, seems I can't get it out before another one spawns. Can't complain, but, I could use some organization system. I suppose to I could get back into the habit of filling my sketchbook. Shamefully, it's been awhile since I've crack it. I guess I've discounted it's value. which as cost me a lot. Instead of using the space in the sketchbook I just jump right into the real deal. In conclusion, I cut corners and it usually affects the magnitude of the work. It's similar to a carpenter measuring only once. The difference? I can 'cut twice' with the dip of some gesso and the slide of a brush I can start anew. But, I lack efficiency and my practical side cringes. At any rate, I'm currently taking a break from a long day in the studio. Sitting outside the McFarlin Library and basking in the sun, this is what I'm listening to, seeking inspiration, and perhaps daydreaming a bit:

The Joy Formidable - Austere from TJF Fan on Vimeo.

Hopefully I'll post some new work sooner than later. Right now my camera is out of reach and I have yet to charge the batteries. If you're really interested swing by the studio, bring some coffee. . .

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Sweet September

September is here! Time flies even when you tuck in late and rise early. I don't wish for eternal life, just longer days. I've just started settling in my studio. Last night I was up there working, it's motivating. I can't wait to fill the walls with paintings and prints. I have also started to pick up a routine. After days and several emails, I was finally able to meet with my painting professor. He gave me some beginning assignments, the pressure is on:
1 painting about light
1 painting about space
1 painting about color
1 painting about surface/picture plane
1 painting about form-forms in the painting and the painting as a form1 panting about textural mark
1 painting with pigmented mark (variations on pointillist mark)
1 study pre 20th century artist (Titian, El Greco, Courbet, Chardin, Velasquez, Rembrandt, etc)
1 study post 20th cebnt. artist (Cezanne, Matisse, Southine, Bonnard, Diebenkorn etc.)
1 self-portrait
1 tell a story with paint/pigment
1 make a painting that is descriptive1 make a painting that is dynamic or aggressive
1 make a a painting that is passive
1 make a painting utilizing a grid

The time line? "About 2 weeks" WOW! really? I feel like I'm a week behind but it does feel good to have some structure.

Well, game on, off to paint. I'll keep you posted on my endeavors.