Friday, July 15, 2011

By the Buffalo

The case of the buffalo (as described in the previous post). Last weekend we made an impulsive trip to Bricktown in OKC. We pulled into a parking lot and VOILA! A buffalo. Memories are bound to be made! The lot cost $6 and had to be paid via machine. Between the two of us, we did not have change for the machine. It was late but we noticed a shop open at the shopping center next to the lot to ask for some change. It was a cupcake shop. They had just closed. They were cleaning and placing chairs atop the tables. The girl at the back noticed us as she fiddled with a box she gestured towards us. We weren't sure what this meant but we checked the door and it was locked. As we were about to walk away we noticed she was approaching the door. She opened it, box in hand, and asked, "Are you here for cupcakes?!?" "SURE!" we replied. We asked for some change for the lot and she told us we may park in front of their shop! Free parking and free cupcakes! Can't beat it. So, THE Buffalo? Check out Pinkitzel! Buy something! We tried the chocolate-chocolate, strawberry, peanut butter and some chocolate/oreo/cookie with filling! MMMmm!

Lucky Charms

The Buffalo. It appears at the damnedest times. I consider it a symbol of fortune and identity. It's a grazer, a prairie dweller and a wallower, lover of the sun? It has horns, and the only thing likely to take one down is a pack of wolves. Wolves-they're all around (me). My BFF and I hold the buffalo in high regard as it usually appears prior to good news/action. But, we have also noticed that it's presence does not always bring gifts. It is mischievous. Sometimes it appears to make us evaluate the current situation (which is usually an awakening that we need to straighten up). It's a mother, a warning. We ARE in control, but we better take a look in from the outside. Most of the time the outcome is positive, lucky? or just a voice of reason? Either way, it's a blessing and a welcome symbol. Don't question the Buffalo! Many stories of this beautiful beast to come. . .