Friday, January 29, 2010

More Materials

More 'wants.' I'm currently loungin' on the couch, doing some reserach for my next project which is set to begin promptly after lunch. In the midst of my image referencing, I came cross greatness (gotta love the internets) I WANT this! Badly, so bad, in fact, I'm not ashamed. Now, I just have to absorb the sticker price and decide on which color. I'm leaning towards the black, it's pretty hard edge but is to predictable? Check it out here.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Ask, You Shall Receive

Last week I coveted Beck's album, Guero. I made a post about it and this week I received it. A little birdie hooked me up with some comforting, pirated tunes. Thanks to you and thanks for reading! In addition, they threw in The Avett brother's latest, "I and Love and You." This album blew me away, I'm still listening, nonstop. I can't stop. It reminds me of so many, the ones that are important, the ones I've lost, the ones I think about constantly, you know who you are. Pick up this album, you'll love it! Need convincing? At the moment, this is my fave from the album:

Today was fairly productive. It wasn't what it should have been but I'm aloud to relax occasionally. I keep reminding myself of this when I stress each night as I attempt to sleep. I lie in bed thinking about how I wasted the day and a list of things I could have or should have done forms and haunts me. I have finished one thing on this gruesome list, it's the last of my art from 2009. From here on out, it's all new in 2010! I can't believe it took me this long but I'm calling it quits. I can't say it's where I want it but I have to round out last year. I can't have unfinished business. Without further ado: Kissing 2009 goodbye!

Ice Apocalypse

Oklahoma has been forecasting some major storms all week. Since "Ice Apocalypse 07" the news takes major precautions. I'm not one to buy in, never have been. I live walking distance to a giant box store, liquor store, hardware store. It's never been much of a concern. Needless to say, they've revved up the intensity of this storm and everyone has been stockpiling. Phones are off the hook to rent generators and the stores are sold out. My parents pull generators and refuse to rent them at times like this. Bad business? No, it's about wear and tear. Those things aren't meant to run 24 hours a day for 2 or 3 days at a meager $50 rate. Not a risk they're willing to take. It's mass hysteria and I find it a bit over the top.

Work closes at noon today and has already canceled tomorrow. Looks like it's going to be a long weekend. Last night, T made a large dose of stir fry and shared. I had several glasses of wine and decided it was high time to watch a flick. I haven't watched a movie in nearly a year but the wine lit the fire. It couldn't be just any movie. It had to star Matthew McConaughey. I'm not sure how this developed (I don't do blonds) but it seems when I get to drinkin', I want a piece of Matthew McConaughey. Last night, I decided to take care of this urge once and for all. Against my better judgement, I headed over the store and purchased every McConaughey flick they had. Problem solved, wallet lighter but this morning I woke up wondering, "what the hell is wrong with me?"

I've a long weekend ahead of me, hopefully a productive one. Will power charging, these DVD's will remain in the closet. Guilty pleasures aside, stay warm and fingers crossed, my house remains on the grid this weekend. All hail, I am the ice queen!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

After Party

I made it home by 9pm after the 'Meet and Greet' and was ready to work. Early, yesterday afternoon, I started working on some drawings. I had intended on submitting the portraits I posted a few days ago for an art fundraiser but I decided against it. Instead, I made these: These are 8.5 x 11" and will be up for auction for "Money Talks, Art Walks" at the IAO gallery. They were conjured up through a book I'm currently reading. So far, the book has been very inspiring. It's very descriptive and expressive which provides vivid mental images. It's a non- fiction by Ellen Meloy. "The Anthropology of Turquoise: Reflections on desert, sea, stone and sky." The book makes me want to run away. It doesn't help with my restlessness but at least I know I'm not alone.

I'm only at the starting line but I do plan on doing a full synopsizes upon completion (for those of you interested). I'm trying to get into reading for pleasure. After meeting with the concept artist from EA, I was inspired to pick up books. We spoke about building a portfolio and he said books are a great starting point. He's right, they're full of creative juice. It's just tough managing reading and art. I feel as though I should be creating so it's hard to sit still and read. I think it's for the better, I'm in the process of adjusting, budgeting my time. These drawings spawned from Meloy's travels but I jumped off in my own direction from there. I added the blood red, but the figures and backgrounds were derived from the book. The drawings consist of a digital print on the background (printed on watercolor paper), a spray paint stencil for the horse and then an image transfer comprises the contour lines. The last step was the addition of the red spray paint. It definitely adds a very somber tone. It also adds depth and concern. Don't you wonder what's happening or what might have happened? I hope so. I don't even know the story but it looks like a damn juicy one! Viewer interpretation, I live for it. Run with it, use your imagination, live beyond reality.

If you're interested in these or just looking for some fun, meet us at the IAO opening February 13, 7-10pm. Support local art!

Roller Derby

Last night T and I went to support our friend, Jenny at a 'Meet and Greet' for her roller derby team. She's part of the 'Oklahoma Victory Dolls.' Jenny has been part of the team for awhile, a loyal member. Sadly, I've never been to a bout but I do plan on making the first of the season February 27 at Miles Rollaway Rink. The event took place at Rococo in OKC. Jagermeister was sponsoring and there was a nice turn out. I'm pretty sure roller derby is in my immediate future. Who wouldn't want to be in this club?Victory Dolls merch. table. Jenny as a Victory Doll. T. me.

I've wanted to join a roller derby team for awhile but I've just neglected the urge. Last night, being emerged in 'the scene' really made me way to throw on some skate. Jenny was pretty insightful and we decided I better make a match before committing myself to the team. Give it a month or so and check back. You know I always have a need for speed!

Monday, January 25, 2010

The Grindstone

'All about balance.' I've said it a thousand times, but I try to live by it. Compromise and degree are the forefront of my conditioning. It's a rocky road. I could probably construct an entire blog about this process and how it can shape an entire life. I refuse. It's a bore. We all have problems so let's look at photos instead!

Last Friday and Saturday consisted of a lot of laughing, lounging and little time looking at a watch. This is not uncommon of my weekend. It takes a couple of days to decompress. I have a habit of whipping myself into shape on Sundays. Sundays are reserved for the studio, swingin' the hammer. This Sunday I was all over the place. I woke up with a can of spray paint in my hand. I cut the stencil Saturday night with some wine. Sunday morning, when I arose, it was ready for commission. I grabbed this bag for $5 and decided I would give it a face lift. Its extreme stature will provide room for a laptop and the contents of a satchel (it's for road trips). Mid day I started digging through my fabric stash and threw together another quilt for the Alzheimer's Quilt Initiative. Another butterfly. This time she is covered, or caged, hidden. Beauty masked and fading. Participating in this project has been quite inspiring. I dedicate time to thinking about my grandma. I think about who she was, what she made, what she's become and where she's headed. I also consider vanity, spirituality, and our subconscious drive to define our lives with 'things' (or not). It's hard to make quilts so people will buy them (things) and support a cure. Seems a bit contradictory. Such is the life of an artist. I deviate.

Again, I cropped the biding from the photo due to its lack of quality. It's brown, not bad but the execution is sub par. I've made a vow that before I sit down at that sewing machine again I'm going to research binding techniques. Steam forward, learn something new, strive for crafty perfection!I saved the best for last!These pieces were the hit of the weekend. I made these for IAO's "Money Talks, Art Walks." They turned out better than expected and I'm not sure I can part with them much less donate them. Time permitting, I may drum up a couple new drawing for the art auction and hang these in my living room. It's the essence, I just don't know if it could be appreciated by anyone but us. Too personal and special. Sometimes you just hit the nail on the head. It was great way to end the weekend!

Stillwater Saturday

Saturday, Zola and I slept in. We rolled out of bed 10:30ish, reluctantly. Making it to work by 7am all week takes its toll. I moved at tortoise speed in attempts to make myself presentable to the world. Afterward, I made it over to the coffee shop. Mm, warm coffee. An hour later and some ribbing from the barista for lacking a smile, I was ready to start my day. T moseyed over and we decided it was high time for a trek to Stillwater. No particular reason other than it's not Norman or OKC (so I'd thought). Turns out, Sillwater IS Norman. They are nearly identical. It's bizarre. I like it none-the-less but, I really was surprised at their similarities. It's Norman, in orange. A late lunch at Eskimo Joe's, a staple for anyone traveling through this town. It's bar food, not bad, not great, but reasonably priced with a decent atmosphere. Large enough to have multiple entrances. I'm here, ready to eat! After stuffing our faces, we scoped the OSU campus. We tried to get into their art school but it was locked up. Bummer. The plane almost made up for it. Football and Boone Pickens are only one rung away from god in Stillwater. Early evening we found a coffee shop (of course). I debated between a soy Chai and an Americano. I decided on coffee. All I will say is, I should have had the Chai. Disappointment. After relaxing and gathering some ammo for our creative endeavors it was time to hit the highway. I came back from this trip with many ideas and possibilities for new projects, life goals and a renewed appreciation for my roots (Oklahoma). Its coming back, taking a step away and squinting has reassured me I can stay and learn to like it, again.

Five O'Clock Freedom

Friday, let out a sigh, hopped in the car and fought with all my might to drive home. There's something about having two free days ahead that is invigorating. I think about where I could drive in two days, where I'd stay and who I'd meet. It's fabulous and I really have to battle the temptation. Instead, we covered our usual stomping ground. We made a stop by Barb and Doug's and then rolled to OKC for dinner and some sweets. This crocheted gun was made by T and I have made it mine. Here, Doug models it along with his snazzy apron and postcard. Lately,this magnificent piece of art has served as the lifeblood of the party as well as a conversation starter, or "stopper." Here, T smiles for the camera through weariness. We found my cousin, Carmen wandering the streets and picked her up for a dinner date at The Wedge. Brick oven pizza, Yum! Top top it off, cupcakes! Of course, Cuppies and Joe. I prefer Sara Sara Cupcakes but they're only open util 9pm. Cuppies it is! Behind me there was a table of guys playing some sort of card game. It didn't seem like the poker crowd, I'd guess some sort of crazy 'RPG' of sorts. I mean who wouldn't want their photo snapped with us? It was a typical Friday consisting of good eats, and some giggly, chit chat. Warms the heart this chilly season.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Around the Bend

Today is incredible. Aside from the fact that I've been chained indoors, the weather isn't messing around this afternoon. It's taunting me. About 1pm it was lunchtime. I bundled up only to be astonished at the sunshine and light, spring breeze. Spring is approaching, three cheers! I zipped home, let the pooches out and grabbed a bite. I proceeded to ride my bike over to the bike shop and I didn't want to stop. It was beautiful, I love it, but considering I'm obligated to return to a corporate office disguised as a 'public, education institution,' it's wretched. What a waste. Just look: You would whine too, right? I want to ride that buffalo. Earlier I had some spare time so I started sketching. It moved in a decernible pattern until the last one, the rocker. Don't ask. It just so happened that I drew these prior lunch. I was dreaming of biking and I actually got to do a little on my break. The bike with the coffee cups was something that arose out of my SF trip. I hit a lot of coffee shops there. In comparison, they varied little (in atmosphere) from my 'usual' shops. I was glancing over my doodles from SF and one of the things I wrote was, "What is it with coffee and bikes?" The independent coffee shops all have bikes, bikes everywhere. Shops here and there and even in Northern Cali. I like coffee. I like bikes, but really, what makes them as consistently paired as peanut butter and jelly? Really, it's baffling. Graduate thesis, anyone?

Thursday, January 21, 2010

In the Shadows

I always play defense. It makes for a tough skin. I'm cynical, pessimistic and in return I can't just sit back without wondering about all the details. "Why?" "Who?" "Agenda?" It's like I'm always waiting, I know "they" are lurking in the shadows waiting to get me and when they jump, I'm armed and ready. Sounds wise? Maybe? Not really. It all amounts to a lot of worry and contemplation for nothing. Sometimes I wish I could take that energy and thought and just learn to enjoy the moment instead of constantly preparing. I drew this today. Sums up my life. So who wins? I'm patiently awaiting that answer. Sometimes I wish I had someone to fight the snakes for me, or at least sympathize. Especially today. On the bright side, it was bright today. The sun paid a visit and I noticed at 6pm it was just setting. I live for longer days and warmth. In the meantime, I wage battles not worth waging (most of the time). For the love of Rikki Tikki Tavi....It has been claimed. T saw this piece and decided she had to have it. It now belongs on her door, along with her bloody knife. I'd say it's a small price to pay for my crocheted gun. After I made this post I took a nap. T woke me up about 9pm and I ran over to 'craft night' at Barb's. I was in quite the mood. I'm pretty sure they regretted inviting me considering all the ranting. I had 2 brownies and then all was right with the world. I should have had them prior to my visit. Oh well, they're good, understanding, friends. Tomorrow is Friday. I can't remember the last time I've felt so relieved that the weekend is nearing. No real plans, just my cup o' tea!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Two Hours

When I'm working in my studio it's easy to burn eight or ten hours without even realizing it. Tonight, I started and completed a "quilt" for the Alzheimer's initiative. And, I did it in two hours! It's not perfect. In fact, there are several things I don't like about it. The binding is horrible. Poor planning. Also, if I could go back to the drafting stage (which was minimal) I'd move the design down about an inch and a half. I think it worked until I added the antenna. It's a butterfly. Even though it's fairly flawed, it's a start. Plus, everything ran smoothly which helps motivate. If I can't get it right it's frustrating, I want to quit. Who wants to work under those conditions?Personally, I prefer the back.

I was inspired by my trip to SF and the visit to the rain forest at the California Academy of Science. I thought about my grandma and remembered some of the costume jewelry she had given me. A butterfly. Also, I thought about me in my "cocoon." Sounds crazy, but it's nearing, I'm building up. I'm currently a caterpillar. My grandma, she's moulting, about to shed her wings. She's seen it, lived it, now she's fading. I don't think of it as depressing. It's beautiful, like a butterfly, she's leaving behind a legacy. I'm tierd and blabbing, "off my rocker." Time to attempt to sleep. Fly away!


It's raining. Hard. Earlier this evening, T and I headed over to the coffee shop to search for inspiration and some energy. It was raining when we left and on the drive home we even caught some hail. Poor car, loyal yet abused. When I got home I felt like I should get to work in my studio. I docked the iPod and started digging through my closet (which could use some help from IKEA). It's amazing how precise 'shuffle' can become. I wasn't really looking, but this evening, I've claimed my anthem for 2010:

It's not a new album, but one of her best. I think it's a perfect way to begin a new decade!


Last night, T and I were discussing the first places we would take an out-of-towner for the full Norman experience. When I was in SF I'd ask store clerks about nearby reastaurants and which ones were 'the spot' and they would just name off all the eateries on the street. It was really annoying. I have eyes, I want to know which one's are worth my time.

So during our conversation I challenged T to guess my pick for the clueless. First guess was not to far off but still wrong. She sat there thinking for a minutes and then she got it. Second guess, not bad. "Sandros!" She hollers. Not only do they serve the best pizza this side of the Mississippi, they also serve the most magnificent plate of pasta. It's a hidden gem and a spawn from his father's joint 'NY Pizza' on campus. I like Sandro's place better for several reason. Number 1, Sandro. He's hard to beat, with that exotic accent and sense of humor. Also, the parking and location is better. Just be sure to miss the lunch hour, given it's directly across from Norman High.

If you asked me where to eat in Norman, Sandro's is my recommendation.

For awhile, I went through this phase that involved sketching "people of Norman." One day I went in for a slice and I had some time to spare so I sketched Sandro. I'm pretty sure it creeped him out a bit. He was moving around the kitchen and I kept staring at him as he was working. I have been waiting for someone to post a photo of him so you could compare. Today, one arose on a nameless social network. Here ya go: Far right.

How'd I do? If you're on the fence, you should swing by and give the place a shot!


I want this album, real, real bad. Thane, it's your fault. Come get your iPod before it gets me into more trouble.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


"Honesty, only policy." Ok, so I came home this afternoon very stressed. Hammered 3 shots of vodka and got to work. Do I need help? No. Maybe a new job in a new town. I've had the damn bottle in the freezer since Halloween, infer if you must. It's your call. I'm a pretty productive lush. It's not unusual for me to tackle several projects while inebriated. First, I stole this hat. Handmade by T. Next, I made this iPod cozy. I was debating between pink ostrich and this bitchin' snakeskin. The snakeskin won out. I was told it was more "me." To top off the night, I made these earbobs. I scrambled around my studio and used scraps from nooks and crannies. I think I'll sport them tomorrow, hopefully a better day (Can you spot T? she supervises, all is well).

Free Day

In honor of MLK Jr., I took a trip up to Tulsa yesterday. It was for him, really. A day of contemplation and soul searching. I had to much good coffee. What's a girl to do? It's there, an hour and a half away. Out of arm's reach (which is probably better) but when I get it, I have to take advantage. Metaphorical?, Maybe, a little. The day was beautiful, sun shining, people stirring, reminded me a bit of SF. Closer than Norman can bring me anyway. Planes. Trains. and automobiles [covered with red dirt, I'm home].And art. And art. More Art. Building murals are good. Very good. Escape?

I did apply to TU. Maybe they'll have me. Honestly, it's the last on my list. I visited the campus yesterday. It's nice, formal. Better be, given tuition. We'll see, apps are out. Back on track, I like Tulsa. Not sure why, I've given it lots of time. It feels much more progressive and aware than OKC. OKC tries, they do, but I think Tulsa is a bit ahead. Could just be that I like it better, I'm sure there are facts to support one way or the other but I'm running on instinct. I woke up missing it this morning, routine is hard. Guess I was born to wander.

Lack Lustre

I woke up exhausted this morning, on time, none-the-less. I'm back to my early schedule, it's a tough adjustment. Getting to work at 7am isn't fun, I'm not a morning person, AT ALL. Picture this: alarm at 6:15, out the door by 6:40. That's the sum of my morning preparations. Somehow I ended up having time to spare this morning. I threw on my iPod, put on some water and proceeded to dance. Yes, dancing, full body shake. While I was waiting for the water to steep, I noticed my state notices and they made me smile. Then I realized I had forgot to make a post about my most current. It's nothing to brag about but I wanted to document it here, for myself. This is, after all, MY blog, 'Lock and Key.' In short, because I'm unusually swamped at work, Oklahoma Highway Patrol shows love by writing a warning. I think they're suckers for blue eyes. Texas, on the other hand, not as nice. Maybe they dig boys?

Moral: Don't pass OHP, even if they are doing under the speed limit. It's apparently equivalent to castration, especially for those with badges.

Monday, January 18, 2010


I'm in deep. I've done it, made the commitment. I just agreed to raise $1000 for Alzhemier's research. "How?" Well, by making quilts. I'm no quilter but what better way to learn than by taking a vow? Last night, T and I spent a few hours at the bookstore. I have been contemplating my next project which would incorporate quilting. While I was looking at a quilting books, I read about The Alzheimer's Quilt Initiative. Gig is about creating 9x12" quilts (able to be sent in a 9x12" priority mail envelope) for the Initiative where they will then auction them. Proceeds are given to Alzheimer's research. I took the pledge for my maternal grandmother. She's lived with the disease for nearly ten years and we recently had to move her into a home. She was a very creative and active womyn before she reached the progressive stages of the disease. It's a new year, a new decade, I decided that this would be my drive. Selfish, a little, but I figured using the pledge as motivation isn't all that bad. I will be contributing to a cure, after all. For my grandma and all the other that have been affected by this terrible disease, I promise! Let the sewing begin!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Rest in Peace

Bang!Moral: Learn to draw, quick(er). Sleep tight!

Ethnic Brunch

This morning my roommate woke up hungry and ready to cook. She was generous enough to share and I'm lucky she did. She cooked an ethnic dish calked Koo Koo Sabzi: It resembled a crustless quiche but like none I've experienced. It was shoved into a pita and devoured in an instant. Seconds? "Yes, please." I'm thinking we should make this a Sunday ritual (T, you out there and listening?). I will continue to wash the dishes, deal?She also shared her sticky rice waffle snagged from the Asian market. They were a great pair, it was quite the feast. Best way to start a Sunday! Fat and Sassy!