Monday, August 31, 2009


I used to be a confrontational person. These days I try to refrain. I figure a word or two unspoken is worth thousands so why waste my breath. Plus, I find myself speaking just for the sake of speaking and who wants to spend life blabbering (or listening to it)? I have noticed that this new-found attitude has me ducking and dodging all the time. Which is worse: being upfront and possibly(mostly) hurtful or avoiding the situation all together? Under normal circumstances I would chose the former but I'm trying my best to be a better person so I flee. I run from people, emails, lengthy conversations, smiles from cute boys, and homework (had to throw that last one in just b/c I'm currently procrastinating). What the hell is wrong with me? I guess I'm just following that pearl of wisdom mothers so often spout off, "If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all?" I found this self portrait in the back of my studio closet yesterday. It's from one of my beginning drawing classes. I remember when I drew it. I thought it was the best in class, of course. Now I look at it and think,"'wow, that girl has a pig nose!" and "those eyes, they're WAY out of proportion!" It's funny how we change. I can look back and realize my mistakes but sometimes I think it would be nice to go back and just live in ignorance or arrogance. I wasn't such an asshole back then was I? If I was I didn't care...Again, which is worse? Balance, balance!

Triple Threat Talent

Previously I mentioned the Plaza Art Festival in which me and 2 of my close friends are participating. It's going to be October 3, which is fast approaching. We are suppose to have a sign for our booth and we have all been at a lose. Barb's husband, Doug, had the bright idea of using their daughter's old, bass case for the sign. It's multi-purpose, signage and storage. Brilliant! Occasionally, I underestimate men (that's suppose to be funny, haha).

Without further ado: For weeks we have struggled with a name. Last night, I decided to stencil the background of the case just to get started. After I finished the background I noticed the Chinook stencil sitting in the garage. I had cut it months ago for another project and it was the wrong scale so it was left over. I had almost pitched it but my mom convinced me to keep it, thanks mom! After I picked up the stencil the name just came to me. Dropping "crafty goodness" from the sky is pretty threatening right? Happy Birthday to Triple Threat Talent!

Sunday, August 30, 2009


The weather today was incredible. I wish it would hang around, it lifts the spirits. It also rustles my 'wild hairs.' I just want to take off, windows down with nothing but a sleeping bag, some eats and my pup. I took my bike out a couple times and walked Zola. I tried to stay outdoors as long as possible but I had some projects I needed to wind up. I decided to postpone most of the projects that required me to sit inside until dark. This was not on the list but I was looking for things that I would allow me to bask in the sunlight: This was my hideous mailbox before it was molested by spray paint. As it stands now! Much better?I even painted the clip, everyone loves custom details!

Goodbye August

Some memories from the last weekend in August: Tag outside of IAO gallery, typical? Remnants of something beautiful. This is new, and well done. This sign was at McNellie's Bar, amusing.I was sampling, had a flight of beers and Choc's Last Laugh was the winner. Cheers to August! Welcome September and beautiful weather.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Missing Art School

Tonight, at the opening, I saw several familiar faces and did some catching up. Man, I miss art school. Walking around the print studio and seeing all the amazing work really made me wish I were part of an art community again. All that creative energy in one building! It's amazing. I guess we take things for granted until they're absent. I think as a student you're just so focused on meeting deadlines that sometimes you don't realize all the resources that are at your finger tips. Maybe it's time for me to get out there and start an MFA? Oh, life, so complicated! Cool bikes for cool art kids. Print shop graffiti has really grown since my long,hard nights there. This was super! I almost stole it but I figured someone might notice. Sohail graffiti already started and it's only the first week? He's a popular guy. Teaches figurative sculpture, has an exotic accent, loves opera music, and has a Starbucks cup in his hand 95% of the time. Quite the character...he gave me a B and then apologized when I saw him outside of school afterward. Sometimes I think it's my blue eyes... :) When I first spotted him he was behind the table with the food. I guess he's a waiter now. He definitely 'classed up' the spread. Well, I've put off finishing those projects long enough. Ciao!

Reporting Back

The show was incredible! I felt like it could all just crumble if someone made one wrong move. There was some definite tension and careful movement throughout the gallery. I still don't know if I believe there wasn't one drop of glue used during construction. I'm so cynical but just look for yourself: :)

Weekend Plans

This evening I really wanted to sit in my studio and finish up my series in the company of my four-legged soul mate. It was going to be reflective and peaceful but then I caught word of this madness: Those are coffee stirrers woven together to fill the gallery!!! Woahh! I'm not a coffee drinker but that whole 'hipster' coffee scene continuously haunts me and influences my work (it has a positive affect in the end). For instance, today at work we were discussing the marketability of coffee dipped bananas. My thought was, "leave my bananas alone, they are tasty in all their simplicity!"

Anyway,I can't miss this show. It's biking distance and one of my favorite professors from art school is hosting the extravaganza so it will be fun to catch up. It's sort of like procrastination but could be quite inspiring. Happy Friday! Welcome Saturday mornings and Zola paws!

Bike Panniers!

Yesterday I got my bike back after a 2 day hiatus. I was having a back cargo rack installed. By the time I got out I had my cargo rack and 2 lights (a front and rear light). YAY! I'm street legal, Night Rider! I have been thinking a lot about making bags for the rack but right now, and most likely until mid October, I'm booked. Instead of having a rack that's useless I decided to just buy some pre-made bags in the meantime.Today I purchased this from Amazon :
It may be a little cute for me. I will have to see it in person but it will serve it's function until I can cusomize the bags myself. I'm thinking something along these lines but with patterned fabric: I have decided the bags are going to make the statement. The bike is so stealth, being black with no detail. I think it would look slick with some "crazy, cool" bags. I wish I had the time to make them now but I have already set my priorities so this is down the list! Damn...

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Top Secret

Here's a little peak into the lab of a mad scientist:Busy, busy Bee(ge). Back to work, soon I will conquer the world [insert evil cackle here]!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

So be it

Just as I predicted, this week is already ridiculously busy and here I am blogging. It's what I do when I don't want to move around. I should be working on my website, or my online, multimedia class that started yesterday. Hm, nope, this is much more exciting.

Have I mentioned I'm hosting a baby shower at my place September 26th? Well, I am. It's for one of my best friends, Jamie. I don't like babies, kids, teenagers...but Jamie is worth it. And, she does have a radiant glow about her. I just thought that all that was a ploy to further the population "Oh, your skin and hair and boobs look the best when you're pregnant!" reply: "Ok, let's have babies!" I mean it could also be that sex is chose.

Anyway, I found myself buying baby clothes this evening. I felt awkward. It was like buying condoms, I didn't want anyone to see me. HA! I have had fun thinking about decorations and I think she's going to love it, but on top of that I also need to redo my website before the art festival in October. I also have to help my aunt with a wedding shower she is having for my cousin, Jesse. Recall the invitations I made? September looks to be overwhelming.

Admist all this I had to do something for myself:I splurged on these today (here's a more accurate photo). I saw these at the bike shop and they were out of my price range so I decided to get the ones above instead, plus the colors are better. Luckily, they were on sale. They don't look so hot but I bought them for function, mostly biking, but I think I can get away with wearing them to work. Even if they just sit in the box the actual purchase was what I needed to end this day.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Summer Breeze

Roundin' up the weekend. Tonight I pedaled over to the park for a concert. Singer, songwriter Darrell Scott. I was blown away. The first concert I caught in the Summer Breeze Concert Series was my favorite until tonight. I drank a beer and did a quick sketch of the band. I gave myself one song to complete the drawing: This is a poor photo but gives you some comparison. It's been a busy weekend, which is surely a precursor to the coming week. Classes start tomorrow and I must be at work at 7am! I'm off to read and fall into a peaceful slumber, although I will probably be distracted by my endless list of things to do and deadlines. I just hope I get to sleep prior to the midnight hour. Buenos noches.

Billijo Cathleen in OKC

Alleyways. Everyone cringes. Especially when I tell them I have walked down them alone. I know, I know I will die...Well, I only do it during the day, so fingers crossed I continue to survive these gallows. I realize alley's in OKC are much more dangerous than in Norman but I couldn't help it. This was peaking around the corner...What's a girl with a camera to do?


[A little of a disclaimer] So, I have a few more post to make on this Sunday evening. I've been busy and my schedule continues to mount. Yippee! I dig pressure as long as it comes in spurts. Today I drove up to Schlegel Bicycles for their outdoor festival. I had never been there but their shop was very cool. It's up on 'Automobile Alley' which was also very happening. If I ever need another hybrid bike, I will throw down the cash for this one. It's too purdy! I have this weird obsession with tandem bikes. They are so romantic! Maybe it's not weird, maybe everyone loves them as well? One day I shall have one, hopefully it will come with a good man to pedal with me. While I was at the shindig not only did I decide I will one day have a tandem bike, I also decided I will eventually own a road bike. Before I die I'm going to go the distance, 40-50 miles per day. Yea, that's right...I can do it! To the lake and back. There was one that caught my eye (it was just my size), then I turned over the price tag: 6k! I had to pick up my jaw and slowly back away.I don't think I have ever mentioned my obsession with Toyota's FJ cruiser before; well, I love 'em. And what better to haul my expensive road bike with? Big dreams!


As I mentioned in my last post, I had to flee the Bricktown area as soon as possible. It was still early so I headed over to the Paseo District. The Paseo comes highly recommended by me. I have a soft spot for 23rd street anyhow, throw in an art district and I'm in never-never land!
I stopped by a little restaurant in the Paseo and sat at the bar. They usually have a live band but unfortunately, last night they didn't. In fact, they were extremely slow for a Saturday night. I was the only one at the bar. The weather was terrific so most people were on the patio.

I had a couple of drinks and chatted with the bartender most of the night. It was enjoyable. I usually steer clear of bars because they feel like meat markets but since I was the only one there it was nice. I engaged in some decent conversation and did some sketching. The characters: Meet Dusty, the cute bartender. He rides mountain bikes and has recently joined one of the 57 rowing teams in OKC. All I can say is, attractive and social=good tips from lonely girls. :) Well hello, Chris! This guy seemed stereotypical of the area. A super high-bee hippy with dreads. He couldn't stop smiling. After several minutes of very cyclical conversation he told me he had eaten a lot of acid. Finally, something makes sense! He also kept saying 'this and that,' "I do a little this and that." "I sold my bike for this and that." It was much more entertaining than Bricktown on a good day. On my way out I caught this guy playing the drums in front of my car. I sat there with my windows rolled down listening to him by the moonlight. Then I hit the highway, my home.

Made You Look 09

The "Made You Look" show had a lot of great street art. There was a large turnout. I was surprised, since so many people view public art as 'vandalism' but apparently there is quite a following. It was an interesting crowd. It ranged from art enthusiast to delinquent teenagers, and even families. They had live demos Saturday afternoon and I'm sorry I missed them. Here are some of the completed works: Inside, they had a little makeshift gallery. The atmosphere and the art work were very congruent. The walls were made of plywood that had been painted black and the only light was a utilitarian, shop lamp on a stand. It felt as though we were looking at something forbidden, and may get caught and have to make a break for the door at any minute. All-in-all the show was a hit. The only downfall was its location-Bricktown. I hadn't been to the area in some time and after the show I realized I wasn't missing much. It's lame, the area is very hoaky and commercialized. Another knock against it is the lack of [free] parking. I could deal with having to pay to park if the destination were worthwhile...

Thursday, August 20, 2009

"Made You Look" and Bikes!

In lieu of my new project/adventures of scoping the latest and greatest street art in the 405 (within biking distance) I have to spread the word about the 'Made You Look" art show: Usually I hear about these things after they have come and gone but this time I have it on my calendar. It sounds like a blast. I'll see you there? And...if you feel up to it after that, come hang out with me at the 'outdoor festival' hosted by Schlegel Bicycles, Sunday from 1-4pm. It's going to be a fun-filled (busy) weekend!