Friday, July 15, 2011

By the Buffalo

The case of the buffalo (as described in the previous post). Last weekend we made an impulsive trip to Bricktown in OKC. We pulled into a parking lot and VOILA! A buffalo. Memories are bound to be made! The lot cost $6 and had to be paid via machine. Between the two of us, we did not have change for the machine. It was late but we noticed a shop open at the shopping center next to the lot to ask for some change. It was a cupcake shop. They had just closed. They were cleaning and placing chairs atop the tables. The girl at the back noticed us as she fiddled with a box she gestured towards us. We weren't sure what this meant but we checked the door and it was locked. As we were about to walk away we noticed she was approaching the door. She opened it, box in hand, and asked, "Are you here for cupcakes?!?" "SURE!" we replied. We asked for some change for the lot and she told us we may park in front of their shop! Free parking and free cupcakes! Can't beat it. So, THE Buffalo? Check out Pinkitzel! Buy something! We tried the chocolate-chocolate, strawberry, peanut butter and some chocolate/oreo/cookie with filling! MMMmm!

Lucky Charms

The Buffalo. It appears at the damnedest times. I consider it a symbol of fortune and identity. It's a grazer, a prairie dweller and a wallower, lover of the sun? It has horns, and the only thing likely to take one down is a pack of wolves. Wolves-they're all around (me). My BFF and I hold the buffalo in high regard as it usually appears prior to good news/action. But, we have also noticed that it's presence does not always bring gifts. It is mischievous. Sometimes it appears to make us evaluate the current situation (which is usually an awakening that we need to straighten up). It's a mother, a warning. We ARE in control, but we better take a look in from the outside. Most of the time the outcome is positive, lucky? or just a voice of reason? Either way, it's a blessing and a welcome symbol. Don't question the Buffalo! Many stories of this beautiful beast to come. . .

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Doodles from the Desk

Music, Hosty (I swear I'm not obsessed) and cars. There are some things that never change. Sometimes I venture out and make oragami.

The Big City

Good morning! It's a slow start to a Saturday but I wouldn't have it any other way. I have time to relax, ponder and blog! I've been trying to get back into the swing of everyday post but it's tough. Now that I'm back at a desk for forty hours a week you'd think I could sneak a post in here or there. Well, I probably could. But, I've been living in the moment. I replaced the camera I used to haul in my satchel with a book. Photos take a back seat to the demands of life (living).

My camera also contributed to the decision to ditch documentation. It was big with minimal battery life. I may be able to snap 5 or 6 photos (maybe) before it told me to change the new batteries. I'm highly considering buying a new one if not for the sake of this blog but to document my art. I've decided to let my website lapse. It's out of date and it cost money. I plan on a major overhaul and then she'll go live. A revival. Anyone out there want to help?

So, back to living. . .Last weekend I made a short jaunt to visit my grandpa in Fort Worth. He had been hounding me about making the trip. I hadn't been since last summer. I need a breath of fresh air, I need to see wine in the grocery store, but most of all I need to sit and have coffee with my grandpa while he reads the paper. We talk politics and cars. He tells me stories about my mom and takes me shopping. He's a stand up guy, love him!

We usually don't partake in the night life but I couldn't resist. They'd tuck in early and I had to burn the midnight oil! One of my favorite spots is the Scat Jazz Lounge. It's something out of a Dean Martin movie. The cover is a bit steep but who can put a price on fun? I overindulged a bit that first night and claimed I would take it easy the rest of the weekend. HA! The next afternoon I caught wind of my favorite Norman band playing near TCU! WHAT! The stars had aligned and the buffalo sighting personified. Alas, I couldn't be contained. Libations were tame but it was made up in dancing. Luckily, they were the openers so the set was short and I made it home just a bit after midnight. It was a pleasantly busy weekend, Fort Worth has always been close to my heart! Visit if you can, see some museums. . .

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Nothing new, I've been burning the candle at both ends. Last weekend it caught up with me. I felt exhausted, emotional, and blue. I wasn't sure how kick it. Once you start down that road it's tough to find an off ramp (and lord knows, drinkin' ain't the answer). I've been feeling restless and homesick. I long for Tulsa, my treehouse, my studio, walks with Zola through Maple Park and stopping time at CHOCS. I've already grown tired of routine and forty hour work weeks in an office. It's only been about two weeks and my head is in the clouds. Through the darkness I have realized that my decision to move away was necessary and I am positive it was the right decision.
So, to kick the blues? Mother nature. A trip to the lake did the trick, along with some much needed inspiration and support from a kindred spirit-we shall refer to him as "Big Daddy" (because it would make him laugh). We all wax and wane. Thankfully, the earth and our dearest are always there for the downward spiral. Even through the heartbreak of being away from Tulsa, I was able to appreciate my home-the red dirt, muddy water and family. My cousin and I (along with her buddy)spent a few hours in the cool lake, basked in the sun and had a picnic. We had lots of laughs and I felt renewed, connected and ready to start a new week! It was a wonderful way to wrap up a melancholy Monday! Now, onward. . .conquer the 405!

Monday, June 13, 2011


Summer 2011 is full fledged! It's tough to believe I've already concluded a full year of grad school. When I started I was hesitant about a three year commitment but now I'm thankful I have an extra year to get my thesis together. Because of the extended program, I am able to take a summer "off." I decided I'd try to save some money this summer so I took a job opportunity here in Norman and decided I'd camp out at my folks.

Last night I was hangin' at my local haunt when one of my buddies reminded me that I haven' blogged in a bit. It's sat dormant this last year. I've been busy and had little time to collect my thought much less organize a blog. I spent most of my waking hours in the studio and socializing. Regardless of my bad habit of burning the candle from both ends, I someone made it out alive. Now, I'm back in Norman, studio less and overwhelmed with a full time job and too many social opportunities. Back to the grind, on the balancing beam. . .

We'll see how it goes. Maybe I just need to get back into blogging/venting/spilling. It's good to throw it out there. I'll work on the visuals. I hope to build a new portfolio this summer. Woodcuts! Lots, of carving!

In the meantime, take a peek at some collaborative pieces I did with the two other graduate students: [Photos by Natalie!]
Meet John and Natalie. Someday we hope to take the OKIE print scene by storm. Hell, we may even spark it? Stay tuned...SUMMER!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011



Surprise! I'm still here! Yep, I haven't fallen from the face of the earth. Just been tied up with my love, Tulsa! Chasing her is a full time job. 2011! Yep, deep into it, already #4. Not to be a spoil sport but 2011 isn't 2010. I've decided even years bring luck. Good thing, there's still time to warm up to 2011 and I suspect the warmer it gets the better it becomes. Fingers crossed.

As I was saying, it's been a whirlwind. I have two classes outside of the art school this semester and I feel like my printmaking/painting/mixed media work has waned because of it. I've been busy with book studies. This year has been filled with lots of social outings. Pie, beer, dancing, lots of dancing, music, boys, more boys. The semester is on it's way out the door and things are getting serious. I'm sitting in my studio preparing some pieces for the annual student show (next Thursday, April 7). It's juried, hopefully I can get something accepted. A few other things worth mentioning: The TU MFA thesis show is this Friday, April 1 at the Living Arts Gallery, COME! Support these budding artist, they've worked their asses off.

Also, A couple of weeks ago I attended Southern Graphics Conference (SGC) a printmaking conference. It was heaven! It's good to see other people with crazy, nerdy, print obsessions. And, St. Louis has a lot to offer! I'm headed back this summer for a week long 'bootcamp' with the woodcut master, Tom Huck! I'm stoked. Well, there's lots more but I'm getting a bit overwhelmed just thinking about it. On that note, I'll leave you with a slideshow from the photos from my phone. I just unloaded them onto my computer and decided that may entertain you and give you an idea of that I do when I'm running this town! Enjoy. XoXo (Don't be a stranger, even if I am).