Wednesday, December 30, 2009

On the Fly

Yesterday I received yet another Christmas Gift. It was a much needed sketchbook. Horrah! I didn't come prepared to exchange gifts since I was merely tagging along and felt more like 'a friend of a friend' than gift worthy. Needless to say, it was a sweet gesture and I suppose they know me well enough to know I can always use a sketchbook.

In return I whipped these out today for the guys:Monogrammed with some shoddy caricatures but it's the thought that counts, right?

Handmade Gifts

It's been a lazy couple of days here in Oklahoma. I've been working on photographing my portfolio (which is nearly done) and dreaming up new projects but there's not a lot on the line. Since I will be departing for San Fran Jan. 4, I'm attempting not to leave any unfinished business. It's tough. I wake up each day with new ideas on top of all the ones waiting in the wings.

We were suppose to have one last Christmas get together this week but we encountered some mildly, 'bad weather.' After this post, there will be no more Christmas coverage. I'm relieved. I'm still working on my New Year's resolutions and I can't wait for the giant New Year's Eve bash! Stay tuned.

In the meantime, check out this scarf my roomie, T, made me for Christmas. It's amazing! It goes perfectly with beige, and coffee. It's true. Coffee is my creative magic (good coffee, that is).Upon its first use we hit up Norman's greatest coffee shop, The Gray Owl. It's warm and fashionable. I also love that she incorporated a personal touch with the charm. Thanks T!

Sunday, December 27, 2009


I've been thinking about the New Year for months. I'm sure your tired of me chalking up a mere day, but it's pretty symbolic, hard to refrain from glancing forward. Don't worry, I make sure to pull all I can out of the present; It's a new personal policy which is why I look forward to a new year. Many new experiences and change waiting in the bull pin. Ok, enough of my soap box, the purpose of this post was to admit one of my problems and attempt to make a clean break.

This evening I was contemplating my resolutions, I went to brush my teeth and as usual, this smacked me in the face: This is my "organized" jewelry collection (at least what I wear day to day). It continues to grow and become discombobulated as time progresses. I really need to get this and many other pieces of my life in order. You think I'm overreacting? Proof that I'm not. This is a serious matter.

The collection has begun to expand into storage compartments. I can't help it. People find out I'm a "costume jewelry whore" and BAM! I'm like a dumping ground for "unwanted but to many memories to throw out", jewelry collections. I feel awful having gobs of 'stuff'.' "Pretties and precious" that I constantly battle. I vow to organize this mess (at the least). I would also like to lighten the load in any way possible. This will be one great chore of 2010, a creative endeavor.

There's a lot to look forward to in upcoming post: a Christmas conclusion, giant New Year's Eve bash, a lovely New Year's day party and a list of resolutions. Until tomorrow...

Bean Bitches and Brawn

New Years Day I'll be hosting a craft swap at my home. We're going to have black eyed peas and corn bread and exchange some hand made gifts, all for luck. The event is formally known as 'Beans, Bitches, and Brawn: Flex your crafty muscles in 2010!" All the participants have been good sports and I've had a great time organizing. Several of the players have come to me for advice and insight. I enjoy discussing ideas with people whom aren't as comfortable with art and craft. I'm always interested in individuals perception and interpretation, even if it is a challenge choosing words to describe it. It's so much fun and thought provoking, inspiring, really. I've actually assisted several with purchasing and constructing their craft. Today, I gave Carmen a much needed push and she knocked out her piece this afternoon.Tune in later this week for an exclusive scoop on the handmade extravaganza! Swing by on the first , have some black eyed peas if you feel inclined. If not, make sure you grab those peas somewhere, insure your luck!

Christmas, Day Late

...but filled with love. The electricity is a burnin' and presents fill the living room. We're very lucky, blessed, if you will. There was sustenance. Lots of it, dark, light, sweet and savory. Blessed, it's the word. My dear cousin, Carmen, plays out that domestic stereotype with her mother. They set the table as Grandma puts her magic touch on the goods in the kitchen. Men? Holding down those sofas, as usual. Traditional, but still fortunate, small price. These are the three pieces I made Carmen for Christmas. They revolve around our inside jokes, and things that make us chuckle. They were a hit, we even reiterated each story to inquiring minds. That chicken head is a rendering of a chicken costume my family owns. Strange, I know, but they used to rent costumes so we have some gems from those days. Carmen used to be deathly afraid of the chicken head when she was a wee lass. After realizing this phenomena, her uncle Clayton continuously taunted her every time she came to visit. Hence her expression above. Oh those uncles! Pop, blushing. (By the way, he adored the gifts I created for him. Nana, a tad embarrassed. My uncle, Steve and my aunt, Whitney, were responsible for the gin and panties. Those are suppose to be her two 'good kids.' Tables have turned?

This Christmas made for some interesting gifts. Have my grandparents slipped in their moral high standing? Apparently, they have. Why else would they gift my god-fearing, grandfather a bottle of Bombay Sapphire? And to my modest grandmother, ruffled panties? Lord help us! I can gladly state that my family (surprisingly) had nothing to do with either gift. We try to be on our best behavior around my paternal side. It's merely respect, but, I guess things have lightened as our belts losen. That's it! It's the massive quantities of sugar ingested this season. Only four days left until it's time to shape up! I'm sure I'll have at least one more Christmas event to cover, so be excited, or beware.

Back in the Swing

Greetings! It's been awhile. I spent a good three days out in the boonies, snowed in, disconnected and content. I also managed to get a couple of Christmas obligations out of the way. Due to the weather, I still have one to go but we'll be lucky if we fit it in before we ring in the new year. Starting December 24, Oklahoma experienced "Blizzard 2009:" It fell ...and fell. It's raccoon, passed down 3 generations. First time it's been cold enough to wear it since my birth. A whopping 14" in the metro. December 24th 2009, marks the largest snowfall in Oklahoma's history. Christmas day the snowed stopped. Our large, family dinner was postponed, but we had a quaint little get together. After lunch, we placed layer upon layer and hopped outside. I attempted to make a snowman but it was to powdery. Instead, I made this pooch: Jackpot? Everyone was pretty worn after playing in the snow. Z has never embraced the cold. After play, there shall be work. It's only fair. I craft (A beard of fur?). Christmas day I finished up this guy. My mom I collaborated on constructing the pattern. I put it together and composed all the details. I will further discuss his birth later this week. It was a relaxing yet, productive Christmas. I also love a change! I hope everyone had a safe and fulfilling holiday.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas, Punk!

First things first, Merry Holidays! Here in my neck of the woods, we're encountering some nasty weather. We can't get snow, instead, sleet and ice. This puts quite a damper on holiday travels. It's to bad. Hopefully it will level out by tomorrow. My official Christmas greeting. As you can see, it's easy for me to get carried away in my research. It's good practice, keeps those Photoshop skills sharp.

On a serious note, Happy Birthday to my paternal grandpa, "Pop!" I have so many memories with my pop; planting corn, buying me the craziest clothing ensembles and teaching me to aim and fire. I love, love, love you! I made him this business card holder to celebrate his birthday. I embroidered our 'family crest' on the front. Well, not our official crest but the modern version, Diamond Zorn, our bread and butter. We were suppose to have a family lunch in his honor but the weather mucked it up. To bad. [Side note: Yes, that's my mug. The state deserves no smile.]

So his birthday is covered. What about Christmas? Let me just say, guys are very tough when it comes to gift ideas. Unfortunately, it's not any easier to make gifts for them. Most of my work is pretty 'crafty.' Stuff your grandma would get a kick out of. That being said,I'm very excited to give Pop his gifts. A lot of thought and preparation went into each. Again, I think reflecting about the person is really what Christmas and gift giving is all about. I made 95% of my gifts this year, It was no easy feat, I'm tapped out. Hopefully it will all be worth it, seeing their (delighted?) faces as they open them. Without further ado, Pop's Christmas gift: It's a pistol case. I cut and painted this stencil. Now the Christmas greeting above makes sense? I think any gun toter would be happy to have this bad boy. Guys, eat your heart out! I'll be signing out for the next few days. Stay warm and smile! Much love and lots of jollies!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Being Resourceful

This time of yes is suppose to be full of smiles and holiday cheer but all I have time for is work, work. Just as I finish up one thing, another falls into my lap. Someone is always tapping me for creative juice. It's draining. Yesterday I was asked to contribute some money for one of the big wigs here at work. I just don't have it. The state cuts my check and then they take it all back at the end of the year via property taxes. Since I wasn't quick to throw down the cash, they asked that I just worry about the packaging.

Sounds easy? Well, it's tough when you don't really know the broad. They were expecting something thoughtful with a handmade touch. I did my best. I know she likes Native American and Southwest paraphernalia. She creates these intricate containers with woven pine needles and gourds. They're very well done and since she's a crafty lady herself so the pressure is on. Today has been a slow day so I decided to work on the CD sleeve a bit. They bought her some software and my job was to cover it. An Oklahoma sunset and some cave drawings. Better than a 'plain jane' jewel case. Merry Holidays!

Little Additions

Normally I don't reveal my work before I feel it's finished but you know I'm trying to get out of that habit. I've realized it's important to document each stage and the process. It allows me to see my evaluate my decisions. Something about seeing it laid out and looking at it through it's evolution offers quite a bit of insight. Stepping back and looking at it with a new perspective assists me in taking the piece exactly where I want it. I've been obsessing over this piece. It's moving along, growing, expanding rapidly. I just wish I could get my hands on it more often. Distance makes the heart grow fonder... Currently. So far, so good? I had some bits of a map from another project and I decided they would fit well with this piece. It's to the point that I'm pleased and afraid to touch it. I've got to let go, be free, take it to the next level. Wish me luck!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Big Plans

Among all the holiday hustle and bustle I've been feeling a little anxious. Like I need to get away, make a jump. Part of it is procrastination and stress involved with getting my graduate portfolio ready to go. I'm ready, I'm just lacking in a decent camera and the ability to take photographs that properly represent the work.

It doesn't help that my roommate also has a hankerin' to make a break. Can't say I blame her. We plan on taking a day trip to Tulsa before the new year but it's going to be tough. While I was contemplating when we could race down the T-pike, I started thinking about all the other places we have discussed going. I made a map. Its a list of our hopes and dreams for 2010. I think we can easily fit these in if we hit a spot once a month. Figure in our frequents to Tulsa and I think we have our year of trips set. There's no particular order, perhaps it will hinge on the weather. I can't wait to bust into the new year!

View Celebrate 2010 in a larger map I've burned it a time or two. Lawton. Krebs-Choc. Mm. Ass shakin' good time? Hope so. "Big D" Drivin' Dancin' Drinkin' Eureka Springs. Santa Fe. Lawrence with snow.

I think it's a nice blend of big city, small town, "into the wild" travels. Now we just need a cash cow to get us through. I've tried to pick things we could drive in a day and perhaps turn into a weekend stay (pending funding). First things first, portfolio and then San Fran! Upon return I'm going to need to ease back into swing of things with a small road trip. Not only will I be out of my element for 10 days, I'll also be without my own set of wheels! I know I'll be burning to pick up my pooch and hit the road. Most likely, Tulsa first and then Celebration 2010 will commence! Itchin' already!

Pay it Forward

Remember what the generous guys at work got me for Christmas this year? See, our office does 'Secret Santa' so that we don't have to feel the burden of buying 4 different gifts. Since the guys went out and bought me a little something extra I decided to make them a little something. Check out these pocket protectors I made! Perfect for the geek in your life, and personalized.The one on the left is for James. He carries a coffee cup with different types of guns all over it. We share a common thread when it comes to firepower. On the right, Pete's with the comic book character, "Savage Dragon." I don't know much about the character but he said that's his favorite. It does get much nerdier than pocket protectors and comic book characters.

I hope they get a kick out of these and don't take offense. I just thought it too good an idea to pass up. Fingers crossed for a lots of jollies and no furrowed brows.

Corporate Christmas

Saturday evening, the company my roommate (referred to as "T") works for was having their holiday party. We got dolled up and trucked over to a conference room at the Embassy Suites, had a nice dinner and some laughs. My high school art teacher also works part time at the company so I had a chance to catch up with her. It was a new experience. I was surprised at the spread and accomodations, I'm just not use to giant, corporate spending, at least not right before my eyes. T was a little worried we might not find the room, it was a lot to take in. Magnificent gingerbread house in the lobby of the hotel. I'm convinced Hansel and Gretel are inside. What do you do when you see such a wonder? I taste it, it's intuitive. Those white trees were so exceptional that it made me want one in my house. The food was tasty and I was in good company. Can't beat it. Happy Holidays, from corporate America!

An Early Christmas

Last Saturday marked my first official 'Christmas Celebration' of 2009. My grandpa came up from DFW for Christmas dinner and a gift exchange. There was no scrimping, Mom had the halls decked as if it were really Christmas day. Let the games begin! The dining room. The lovely china cabinet and my painting in action. Every holiday season my mom makes a deliciously, spicy chex mix. It's the best I've ever had. Everyone always looks forward to it and probably eats enough in one month to tide them over for the year. Last year we started the tradition of making labels for the containers. This is the 2009, 2nd edition. He guards the door and the coveted chex mix! The great room fully dressed in it's finest holiday attire. Each year mom does something different. These trees were new this year, she made them from her artificial tree and the trunks were plucked from their acerage. She drilled holes into the trunks and inserted the artificial branches. She could kick wonder woman's ass any day! Ready and awaiting Santa. I live for that fire. Mom's garage sale find transformed into a lovely white Santa! Again, just look at her talent, she's amazing! My grandma made that nativity scene years ago. It always rest on that table, every year for as long as I can remember. That house was made by Vern, one of my relatives on my dads side. It's quite a masterpiece as well. The moose seems to be a reoccurring theme this season. The hidden table. We had quite a crowd. Mom had to hide a table in the living room. It was for the black sheep of the family, like me. If you look closely you can see one of my pieces framed and hung. That was mom's birthday present from me this year. That frame sure did the trick! We've stuffed our faces, let the gifting begin! "Yes, dad, put that pie down. We are waiting on you!" Flashing the loot. Yours truly with my 'Mohawk Santa.' Proof that I closely resemble this man? I will say I do not like football as he does. Guess his team of choice? My mom and her new snazzy get up. My mom is anticipating her dad opening his gift from her. Katy modeling granddad's 'chocolate covered bacon.' My mom got quite the kick out of gifting this. Granddad enjoying his tasty treat. He proceeded to pass it around the room. It wasn't half bad. I'd consume a bar if someone handed it to me. Finally, more food! Dessert. It was quite a kick-off to the holiday! One down, several more to go. Jingle all the way!