Friday, July 31, 2009

Good Fun

Today at work I had the tedious chore of updating computers. While I was waiting and waiting I decided to do some doodling: This guy was from my imagination. After I finished it I decided it resembles both, Abraham Lincoln and Brad. Brad is a guys from art school. He works at Hob Lob here in Norman if you would like to check the accuracy. Also, Brad if you are reading this, we should hang out. The text on the page reads, "Are you out there?" This is number 2. After the first drawing I started thinking about men...especially those that have recently perplexed me. I know this may be unbelievable to most, but it's been nearly 6 years since I have paid much attention to men. Now that I'm single, I find myself more and more intrigued by their complexities and differences. I'm blushing just thinking about this guy...he's around town. I'll let you see if you can find him. His text reads, "Um, you're married," 'cause he is. Number three. He's a funny story. This drawing definitely does not look like him. He is much older, probably mid 40's. Age is troublesome to capture. They either look really old or too young. Anyway, this fella helped me out when I was in a bind. Text:"I don't do blondes," 'cause I don't. HA! Finally, deflated. My last sketch. I was burned out and I guess my big head finally burst. These drawings make me smile and laugh. I hope you get some joy out of them as well! Good Night!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Short Lived

It was only a few post and several days ago that I decided I'm going to slow down. Needless to say, as the weekend approaches I find myself putting more and more on my plate. I guess it's in the stars:

You Sagittarians are famous for filling your cups too full. Sometimes this is cute. Sometimes it's a problem for those who don't like Cabernet Sauvignon sloshed on their hand-woven Persian rugs. This week, however, I predict there will be little or no hell to pay for overflowing. So go ahead and transcend your containers, you beautiful exaggerators. Feel free to express yourself like a fire hose. Now enjoy a few gems from your fellow Sagittarius, the extravagant poet and painter William Blake.
1. "The road of excess leads to the palace of wisdom."
2. "Exuberance is beauty."
3. "The lust of the goat is the bounty of God."
4."You never know what is enough unless you know what is more than enough."
-Rob Brezsny

With each commitment I make I feel like I have to move faster and faster. I can't burn dayligt! I wish I were here instead:

Isn't this photo bizarre? I want a billboard sized version plastered on my living room wall! [Credit: The Selby] Toodles!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Free Day 2

Another free day! Today I woke up early to head over to the local farmer's market. I have been to the last two and left empty handed. I'm just not a cook but this week I prepared. I picked out a recipe and had a list. I bought some eggplants and tomatoes. Throw in some olive oil and chicken and you have a delicious meal! In fact, I just finished eating it and I have left overs, YAY! It was all cooked on the grill which left little to clean up and I feel more relaxed using the grill. I figure I will work my way up to the "big leagues" (pots and pans). Tonight was just practice in prepping (cutting, marinating, general kitchen savvy).

After that excursion I didn't have much planned so I swung over to DZ for a bit. While I was there I remembered there were some projects that required various and sundry tools that I didn't have at home so I went to grab the pieces and got to work. While I was meandering around the shop I found a couple things worth mentioning: Beyond repair? Yes. Used for parts I suppose. The location was priceless. Seems like those weeds are ridiculing the poor, dead mower. Ok, this may seem a little disturbing to some but I had to post this photo especially for KC. (That pile at YH has nothing compared to this!) I promise not all Okies are crazy, contrary to what this photo may insinuate. This is a giant junk/scrap pile in the yard at DZ. My dad is quite the pack rat but I must admit I had a heyday digging through this pile while in art school. Even today, I came up with something!Here it is! I know it doesn't look like much but it's still beautiful right? How about as a business card holder? I have entered an art festival and I decided if I'm going to be displaying my work I better be prepared to network. Nothing like free and recycled!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Sneak Peek!

So I have started some new projects. Rather a series, but I'm trying not to pressure myself. Throughout art school I dreamed of being able to work on a body of work instead of class projects. Now that I have my artistic license it's intimidating. There is something about keeping within a theme that just seems overrated. I suppose it's really about growing as an artist not as much about making the work look cohesive. Either way, I have learned it's about production. Getting my hands dirty, learning, developing an efficient process.

Without further ado, here's a little peek at my latest work. No touching, that spray paint is still wet!To the few of you that have tuned in, feel privileged to know the new me. A year ago I wouldn't have shown unfinished work, but, like many aspects of my life, I'm trying to "switch 'er up." Enjoy and Good Night!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Catching Up!

I have been behind on blogging. Must be a sign that my real life has either been busy or else I have been day dreaming. I must admit, it's a result of the latter. I have decided that I'm going to take it down a notch, or at least attempt to just stop and look. I'm always running around at least 10 mph faster than everyone else and it makes me feel anxious. What's wrong with just dawdling? Nothing. It's good for the soul and the creative mind. It's just hard for me to down shift. I love overdrive, but it's rough...maybe I need some medication or a stiff drink?

Anyway, I wanted to share a couple of things from last week. They don't really pertain to one another although I noticed the color schemes are quite similar. It's not surprising, I tend to use the same palette throughout my landscape. MMMMmm. This smoothie was the best! One banana, a handful of frozen blueberries, some OJ and ice! Try it, you'll love it! Remember my laptop bag? Well, I was so thrilled with the way it turned out I decided to give that lovely, utilitarian strapping another shot. This was going to be my bike bag but now that it's done it's going to be my "everyday satchel." This bag was quite a bit more complex than my laptop case. It includes a lining with pockets, a zipper, a gusset and piping. All done without a pattern. I don't like patterns, they always take the long way. Plus, it's nice to have something one-of-a-kind. I think you're up to speed as far as the adventures of Bill the Girl go. I am off to cut some new stencils. Don't change that channel!

Summer Breeze

Last night I rode my bike over to the summer breeze concert at the park. There was a bit of an overcast and I figured if I rode my bike it would rain. Luckily it didn't rain and the band, Dorian Small, was worth the risk.One more shot of my bike, still in the state of newness!Dorian Small! He's cute!Barb.Nick.Me. I'm not a photogenic person (as you can tell). I always seem awkward and stiff in photos, not to mention my goofy looks. I guess the important part is the memories. At least I know I will be able to look back and laugh. [Photos by Doug Hill.]

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Art Collecting

First of all, anyone who feels they can't make art should try. If you decide it's not for you, then you should buy. I have some pieces if you're interested. :)Today my friend, Taraneh and I went up to the Oklahoma Museum of Art to see a documentary about Herb and Dorothy Vogel. It was amazing and very inspiring. It warmed my heart to think there are people out there that live for art and collect because they love it, really love it, no financial strings. Read about Herb and Dorothy's monumental collection here.

The film impacted me on various levels. It made me reevaluate my artistic direction, love, life, and money/success. Of course I'm always thinking about these things but Herb and Dorothy sort of simplified it for me. I realized that less reflection and more action leads to fulfillment. I recommend the film to anyone who has any connection to art, great or small. The museum was also showing part of their collection and it was rather impressive. And to think they had over 5000 works in that tiny, one bed room apartment! I love eccentricities, they make my world go 'round! This post is somewhat vague,it's intentional, I want you to experience the legacy that Herb and Dorothy have constructed. Check 'em out!


I recently reacquired some CD's I had loaned out months ago. Much to my delight, I have been playing Ani Difranco's album, Reprieve. It's wonderful. As I rediscover her music I think back about 5 years ago to that little, high school girl cruising around in that '70 El Camino, windows down, blaring Ani. It's amazing that I can still relate to her today. She's timeless and comforting. There a couple of songs I keep getting hung up from Reprieve, particularly 'Nicotine.'
Ani Difranco

i hate you sometimes
but i love to be your queen
you are my muse
got me smokin nicotine

i watch you sometimes
from oh so far away
but i can't forget you
or anything you say

you sang that song in my ear
and it tickled those tiny hairs

love is a puzzle
some pieces they adjoin
it's not like that with us
but i keep flipping that coin

i watch you sometimes
from oh so far away
but i can't forget you
or anything you say

you sang that song in my ear
and it tickled those tiny hairs

© 2006 righteous babe music / bmi

Ani is incredibly talented, she never ceases to amaze me with her heavenly songwriting. Another flashback to the roller coaster that comprises my teenage years/"agony," I don't know how I would have made it through without her by my side. A shout out to my leading lady, Ani D!

Friday, July 24, 2009

New Ride

Yesterday I bought a bike. They had to install the fenders so I picked it up today after work. It was large purchase, especially considering I haven't ridden a bike in years. I decided if I'm going to get into it I need something comfortable and decent looking. Without further ado here she is: I took her out tonight, rode about 3 or 4 miles and really started to feel the burn. I thought I would start riding to work so I tried to trek it and I was almost there when I started feeling overwhelmed. I could have made it but I knew if I did I wouldn't have it in me ride back so I just packed it up. I really need to learn to pace myself, I was going 110% and I burned out sooner than anticipated. I made a pit stop (ate a burger to account for the calories I had burned) and hopped back on. The drive back was much better. I just took it easy and admired the breeze. Practice makes perfect, maybe next time I won't make haste and I'll be able to endure the ride to work. The bike rides like a dream!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Free Day

Today I had the day off. I really think the French got it right when they decided on 30 hour work weeks! My mom and I trekked up to OKC to poke around, hit some local shops and such. No agenda perse, just gawking. I did find a few trinkets. Like I said in my last post, we just can't resist buying 'things.'Bring me your bone! Good Doggy! ::Pat, Pat:: This trivet was just to much to pass up! It reads, "Kissin don't last, cookin do!" They should really print that on marriage licenses! Now I just need to learn to cook and find me a man. Then I will live up to the latest addition to my kitchen.An immaterial note (it's all about balance): For lunch, we cruised awhile and before we knew it we were at DZ in OKC. We stopped by to visit a little and ask them for lunch suggestions. We ended up at a deli up the street and had sandwiches. It was great getting to chat with my grandma for awhile. Often times we don't get to have 'real conversations.' Most of the time we get together it involves large groups of people. I wish my grandpa could have made it but he had already eaten lunch plus, he had to hold down the shop. Next time Pop! It was a much needed breather from the "ho hum."

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I have been thinking a lot about materialism. We love "things." Ornaments, trinkets, pretties, and "precious." More often than not, my blog consists of such subjects. Perhaps we like these things because they are tangible, describable, simple? I'm not sure. It's a heavy concept and I'm not really willing to dive in full-fledged right now. Pardon me.

In lieu of such contemplation, I began thinking about things of a less tangible nature. Things I adore but can't really convey. They're more about experience than description. I shall attempt to explain. I will use visuals not only because I find it easier but also because I prefer blogs with lots of pictures. The open road. You just have to try it out. I find having a nice riding car makes a world of difference, it's like floating. And, Oh! the curves, it's amazing!Speed limits in excess of 70 make my heart flutter. If I had it my way every highway would be limitless. "No stop signs, speed limits!"The wind in my hair. I know wind blown hair can be a pain but there is nothing like running down the road with the windows rolled down. The wind, the hum of the road, the smell of diesel burning, my, my, my! This is where it gets tough. (For those of you whom just assume be talking/texting instead of driving you need not continue.) I'm cruising down the highway about 70+, radio cranked, and I sort of transcend. I'm pretty high strung and I have a hard time shutting down but speed (no drugs) is a great anecdote. I know it's cliche, but I feel like I become "one with the road," entirely focused and concentrated without stress. Sometimes I even tune out the music. I may not have done a great job at expressing this phenomena but that's precisely why this post is named 'indescribable.' Just grab those keys, fill up the tank, and put that pedal to the metal!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Thrifty Treasures

Here are some of the thrift store finds from my recent travels:
I bought this fruit basket in Fort Worth. It was pink when I got it, I just spray painted it white. Much better! Now I just need some fresh fruit brimming over. Like this:This picture is terrible and I'm sorry because this is such an exciting piece. My grandparents had a close friend die earlier this year and one of the things from his home was this tapestry. It's about 5' long and 12" wide. It's great! I assume his wife, Barbara, knit it and felted it. There is a hand embroidered "B" in the bottom left corner. We went to see Bill's house and this was hanging in the kitchen. It was sort of camouflaged by some horrendous wallpaper. The house was pretty much empty and I snagged it off the wall. My grandpa and his wife said they had never noticed it before.

These are some items I picked up from San Angelo while Casie and I were thrifting:
I picked both of these up for under $2. I sprayed them yellow. I know it's bright but don't worry I have a plan.

These were some ceramic pieces we found. The mouse was just to exaggerated to pass up. Plus, he was around 60 cents! The deer was gold with black painted eyes. I painted it white and covered it with acrylic gloss.
I purchased the mirrors and the figures specifically for my third bedroom. I plan on making it into a guest bedroom. The idea is to get something similar to the pictures seen below. I have an old, rod-iron bed that is quite a bit fancier than the one seen below but I think it would look nice painted a bold color. I plan on painting the walls a similar color; light, clean gray. I like the way she uses vivid pops of color against the cool gray walls. I'm still scavaging knick knacks for the shelves and hopefully sooner than later I will have a fresh coat of paint on the walls. Wish me luck!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Done! (For Now)

So I finished the moose head. It weighs in at a whopping 6'x40"!
I'm trying my best to refrain from more, more, more. I just think it needs something else but I have decided to give it a few days. I have been drinking hot tea and staring at it for awhile, it's growing on me but I'm still tempted to grab a paint brush or spray can and go to town!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Weekend

This weekend was pretty leisurely. Friday night I went out with my brother and his friends and had a few drinks. I also stopped by a local dance studio to inquire about taking lessons. They were having a little party and allowed me to watch for awhile. Everyone was very cordial and they did get me on the dance floor to do a waltz, which was a blast. I learned something for free! I think I'm going to sign up and try it out (hopefully I won't fall on my face). Maybe Dino will show up.

Saturday I went to check out my cousins new condo and I hung out by her pool for most of the afternoon. I got a ridiculous sunburn so I have been 'putting the lotion on the skin' ever since. Afterwards, I came home, took a little nap and then headed over to my friend's for a dinner party. It was nice. We had some delicious NY pizzas made my real New Yorkers!

Today I have been reading a cookbook I have had for awhile. I decided to brush the dust off and crack it open. It's "Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone" by Deborah Madison. I'm not a vegetarian but I love vegetables. I figured I could learn some great dishes and just add meat. The book is very organized and informative. Hopefully I will learn to make some tasty food and maybe even like cooking!

I also ran up to Oklahoma City to check out a bike I found on Craigslist. Yes, I'm in the market for a bike! I live in the middle of the city and a bike would be great for running errands or just Sunday cruising. Either way, I have decided it's time to trade in my fuel injection for awhile. This is the bike I went to see: It's a Sear' Spaceliner. I love all the chrome, it's gorgeous. I didn't come home with it because it was overpriced and it didn't drive that great. I think a couple of new tires would have made a world of difference but I just wasn't sold. It didn't win my heart. I also think I want something that has gears and a hand brake. My goal is to eventually bike to work so I think I may need something more for the road that just cruising. We shall see.

I have almost completed the moose. I decided to break and have a cup of tea, post a blog and now I'm thinking it will be tomorrow before I get back to it. So, dancing, reading, cooking... how domestic!

Friday, July 17, 2009

My Beau

My latest and most classic crush is Dean Martin. I will forever fall over Cary Grant and Steve McQueen but Dean Martin? Really? I don't know what it is but I pick the 'bad boys.' The ones that are exactly opposite of what I stand for. Dean Martin, for example, beat his wife and was an extreme womanizer. We can't have that! But, when he sings I melt. There is just something about crooner's. Maybe it's the orchestra, I haven't decided.Anyway, the reason for bringing this up is, of course, inspiration:
The gold one is the final composition. I wanted it to be just a head but I decided the shoulders were needed. I like the way the gold reflects the light and forces the viewer to move around the piece but it's very difficult to photograph. If only I could capture the way I feel when I hear his voice...

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Oklahoma Love

Today I was thumbing through the Oklahoma Gazette and they are having a vote for 'The Best of Oklahoma 2009.' One of the categories is "best visual artist." I hadn't heard of any of the nominees (and I consider myself and artist? Shame on me!) but I was a little disappointed there weren't any women on the list. I did check out each of the candidates and Paul Mays gets my vote. His work is lovely. I adore his use of pattern, color and texture.

Rooted in, Holding onBeauty in Simplicity
It's nice to see such professional, contemporary art being produced in Oklahoma. I've never doubted that we had it in us it just seems few and far between.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Throughout my shopping endeavors in San Angelo I became infatuated with various, taxidermy heads. I could have picked one up for less than $100 but I just don't think it fits my decor. Plus, I don't really have anywhere to put one. Casie had a beautiful, "fake" (not sure of the material) moose head. I threatened to sneak it into the trunk of my car before I left.

Yesterday I went to clean/organize the closet in my studio and I was distracted after I pulled out the first piece of fabric:This is an old piece of canvas from a chair my friend Barb reupholstered. She gave me this piece about 2 years ago and I finally got around to using it. I have made a vow to use the materials currently in my studio rather than buying new. I just have to much stuff. It has made me quite the little engineer, lessons in how to turn practical to "pretty." As you will see, I was heavily influenced by the original shape of the canvas:Mounting is troublesome. I haven't decided how I want to hang this puppy. Again, I'm sure it will come down to ingenuity. Stay tuned! Suggestions welcome...

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Destination Texas: Part II

The second half of my vacation was magnificent! Thursday, July 9, I drove down to San Angelo, Texas to visit my best friend, Casie. As mentioned, I love to drive but this time I got a bit out of hand. Well, maybe I'm always out of hand, this time I just got caught; I got a speeding ticket in Anson, Texas, 80 in a 70 :(. I thought maybe it was an omen but everything beyond that turned out great!

Friday we went to this little 'art compound.' It was called the Chicken Farm and they have studios, a B&B and a little restaurant. It was very neat. I just wanted to move in!
This is as close to a horse as I have come in quite some time, that's why I look so pleased!
These cactus were outside the place. I think San Angelo residents are used to seeing these everywhere. I, on the other hand, was impressed.They have a resident blacksmith.Giant, ceramic chess set.

After the Chicken Farm we had lunch and walked around downtown. We found several great antique/vintage stores. I adored downtown, it was so quaint with lovely buildings and old signs.Why so serious?

After shopping, Casie took me down to this little alley that had some amazing art work.They were having a moment, so I turned my head, like a fly on the wall :)These guys were nicely done. The weathering really added to the mood.This face is amazing. I'm not sure if someone had tried to paint over the original stencil or if the effect seen above was intentional. Either way, it's exceptional. The haziness in the face against the wall patina is perfection.After that we ran away from the heat. It was scorching. Casie and her b/f, Taylor were the best hosts. I dedicate this post in their honor and I am very gracious for their 'southern hospitality.' Saturday, Casie and I went garage "sale-ing" and hit some thrift stores. We found some real treasures. Posts on them later. That concludes my week vacation. It's back to work this week, I still have 'Spring Fever' and it isn't even spring!