Friday, February 26, 2010


What am I doing blogging on a Friday night? Well, I have obligations, deadlines and they have sharp teeth. I have to get things done so here I am. It feels great working, really working. My "8-5" job has me down. It's stressful, everyone is on edge and on top of all that I just want to be in my studio. In the past week I've dished out rejection and received my fair share. It's funny how things work out. It has been motivating, time to kick it into fourth gear. There is already new stuff, still wet, so just hold your horses. Tomorrow is a play day, a breather from the hum-drum. I hope your weekend is swell as well!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Finishing Details

Last weekend I managed to frame these pieces for an art show/auction to benefit V-day. These pieces will be part of the V-day festivities down on the Paseo in OKC. The frames were ripped and constructed from scrap, cedar siding. Recycled and free. I think the unfinished, distressed characters goes well with the overall mood. They would be perfect over the fireplace mantle above that bear skin rug, wouldn't they?

Family Tree

I finished my grandma's Birthday present. I used wallpaper and cardstock for the backgrounds. I tried to pick colors that she likes and colors that fit in with her decor. I prefer neutrals and earth tones but, she is always telling me, 'you're young, you need to wear bright colors while you can pull them off.' Sorry grandma, no cigar. But, I will happily gift these brights to you! I think some of these turned out better than others but overall, I'm satisfied. Painting on glass is no picnic but it is something I would be willing to try again. My great-grandmother, Irene. She passed when I was a senior in high school. Her birthday was two days before mine so we always celebrated together. I was lucky to experience a solid relationship with my great grandma. This is my 'Nana,' my dad's mother. We used to butt heads during my teenage years but since then we've become quite close. I get emails from her once her twice a week and I usually get to see her at least once a month. Her birthday is February 25, she was worth all the effort. My aunt, Whitney, dad's little sister. Me. A scowl, like a mugshot. Whitney's daughter and my cousin, Carmen. Carmen's a good girl. She'll graduate this year from High School and hopefully someday you'll see her on SNL (that's her dream). She's full of life, drama, and talent. I wanted to call these the 'Diamond Blues' because the Diamonds have passed on our signature blue eyes. Little Carmen canceled that idea with her dark, brown eyes. It's good to be different, she's a keeper blue eyes or not!


Check out this Etsy Giveway from ChandarChandar. A friend, fellow art student and amazing artist. You know you want some! Just look at the variety. Because there is no such thing as to many moustaches! I own one of these prints. Her work is impeccable so show some love.

Happy Monday!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Up at Dawn

on the run, chase that dollar bill. Here I am 7am, not to sharp. I get to take the afternoon off and then I'm due back to work some overtime this evening. It looks like I won't be pulling out of here until after 10pm. Fun. I don't usually take overtime. I account for 40 hours and beyond that I do what I can to make the best of the day (and that's not spending more time 'working'). I've complained enough about this, it will be over sooner than later. I'm just a little on edge, pushing a fifty hour week and having 2 entry deadlines tomorrow, three birthdays next week, it's never ending. Basically, this is the worse possible week to demand overtime from me. Anyway, I'm starting my morning off right, Teavana and a banana. Last night I finished those pieces for my grandmother. I'm not sure she'll like the contemporary feel but I think she will appreciate the thought and effort. I'll post the finished pieces sometime soon. In the meantime, here's to your Friday night (hopefully free) and to the rest of a glorious weekend!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Nuts and Bolts

Some more pieces in progress. I did these for my grandmother. Her birthday is February 25. They compromise the womyn of my paternal side, starting with my great grandma, towing the line through generations. These portraits have been loosely painted on glass. I'm still not sure about the background but I'm pleased with the direction they're headed. Very folky, hopefully she can appreciate that kind of thing. I've also been dreaming of this life. I need to escape, I long for sunshine and simplicity. A result of family combined with folk art.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


This morning I've been perusing images for inspiration and somehow or another, I unearthed this priceless image: Those Germans sure know muscle. The photo sucked me into reading the article from the website. The photo combined with the editorial just made my day. The analogies and subject matter deserve a trophy. Mention of the days of RWD, gas guzzlers, American pride, speed, big cams, posi track,etc, etc- my heart is racing. Pair it with the Black Keys, "Attack and Release" and today is a great morning!

Now, if only I were in the drivers seat with the windows down I'd be ecstatic. Somedays I just have to release that teenage boy that boils inside me. I grew up crafting, making art and loving fabric. Hell, i worked in the most female-centric joint (Hancock Fabrics) in Norman for nearly six years. That same little girl grew up covered with grease, surrounded by big blocks and calendars strewn with half naked creatures that dare call themselves "women." So, as I've grown up (or down) I've tried to hold true to my past but it's so contradictory. Why not combine it? It sure makes for a bloody, interesting battle. Pink and lace with oil and dirt-what you see is what you get.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Valentines 2010

Last Valentine related post of the year, promise. Looking back at my recent post I'm amazed at the significance of such a commercialized, superficial holiday this year. This is the first Valentine's Day I've been single in five or 6 years. I wasn't dreading it or upset, I take it for what its worth, just another day, I try my best to make the most of 'em all. I wanted to share my special valentines with you, spread a little love! I'm all filled up.

First, a Valentine greeting from my great aunt, Janie and uncle, George. These two are over 80 and more active than me. They live in South Carolina, have a sailboat and travel the globe. They're headed for Sweden later this year! I absolutely adore them. George is a retired architect and artist. He always sketches their cards. This year I was patiently awaiting their annual X-mas card and it never showed. Finally, a Valentine! They were swamped over the holidays so instead of sending X-mas cards, they dropped us a line on Feb. 14. They included a little poetry:
"Valentine's day is not just for the young,
Even the aged have songs to be sung,

So, here's to us all, the young and the old
Valentine's day has made us bold!

Come all, help us with the rhyme
We want YOU for our Valentine!"

It's perfect! So creative and lively, I aspire to be them one day.

Next, a Monday surprise. I found this little gift on my desk when I arrived: A gift from one of the student employees at the office. Thanks Alex! I made the girls CD's but expected nothing in return. Much to my surprise I got these lovely socks and more poetry:
"Bj- I love your ability to do arts and crafts
Your really cool and you give me some laughs
Our hand hugs are so special when they come our way
Screw men! Happy Valentine's Day!

This has a completely different tone but it's spot on. The 'hand hugs' are difficult to explain in writing. Just know, they are safe for work! It describes our relationship and I was amazed by the gesture. I was very impressed with the degree of creativity and thoughtfulness. These guys really deserve three cheers and a hug! It was a wonderful way to wind up VD 2010! Hope yours was splendid as well!

VD Girls

Sunday, a day for lovers. Well what about us? Strong, independent, SINGLE womyn? Well, junk food, giggles and crafts, of course. I hosted the shindig which included homemade pizza, cheese dip and s'mores. I found some pink, strawberry, heart-shaped marshmallows and we roasted them. I tried to start a fire in my backyard but was unsuccessful. We used our resources to the best of our ability.

It was a good night. Just look at the results: Sarah and Carmen were very festive with their red hearts. T and I were less creative-same ol' song and dance. Cupcakes and coffee, addicts? I threw a lure in because they're a new source of inspiration. I've been thinking about 'man lures' (a result of reading 'man crafts'). I can't wait to see how far I can push it. Singles need lovin' too! It was the best VD yet.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Some Work

Through all the get togethers and weekend festivities, I did manage to tie up a few loose ends. My sketch turned into a finish piece. I had originally intended to use this five minute, rough draft as a basis for something greater but the more I reflected upon it, the more I decided it was worthy of the frame. I doused it with some coffee, added some embroidery floss to the frame and wrapped it all in clear vinyl. It is packed with subtle layers. It's "Alice in Wonderland." ArtBeat is hosting an Alice in Wonderland themed party/show and I plan on submitting this piece. It was a piece I did for part of a drawing class during my undergrad and I added Alice last weekend. It is quite atypical of my work and it's been hard to agree with. The more I look at it the more it grows on me but I'm not sure it's 'show quality.' We'll see. Feels good to finish what I started, always some work mixed with play.

Bustin' at the Seams

Saturday, we cut our Tulsa trip short to head back for IAO "Money Talk, Art Walks" Party. It was an art fundraiser for the foundation and T and I had submitted some drawings. We were unsure of the master plan but we were in for a treat. We knew it was an auction of sorts but really it turned out better than expected. Patrons purchased tickets in 3 categories, $100, $75, $50. Each ticket was placed in the pot and names were drawn out at each price level beginning with the $100 pot. Quite the crowd. As the participants were chosen they had 30 seconds to pick the piece of their fancy. They had a guy who played the 'game show host' and two lovely assistants. It was like nothing I'd seen before and I loved it. People were drinking, merrymaking and getting genuinely excited about art. These were T's pieces. The top one was snatched in the first round. She sold a piece for $100! Congratulations! Here mine hang at each end of the top row. Get a better look here. Mine didn't make the cut, but it was a great experience and resume builder. Afterward, we headed home, kicked our feet up and drank to T's accomplishments. She's officially a professional artist, selling art!

Tulsa Saturdays

Saturday, Tulsa, What's new? Actually, lots! We hit some new spots, mapped out future terrain, I can't believe there's still more to see. That's what happens when you develop a routine, you castaway precious gems. We unearthed some new ones this last trip. We rolled in, grabbed some coffee and cast off for the uncharted. First stop, Utica Square. I wouldn't really consider this a 'gem' but it did have a fantastic yarn store, which was the initial draw. It was fun running around dreaming of waking up a yuppie and jogging to Utica Square. Maybe someday, time is tickin'. 1978, a good year.

Mid afternoon we were ready to eat. We finally made it to Elote. We've attempted to try this place on several Tulsa occasions but they don't open for lunch so we've missed out. This time, their doors were open and it was well worth the wait! The facade says it all: Character and charm, great staff and good eats.

While we were downtown we decided to hit some galleries. T wanted to see the 'Modern Materials' show at the Living Arts Gallery. I caught this show in OKC at Untitled (ArtSpace) but I was happy to see it in a new arena. I felt it was much nicer at LA. You Tulsans are pretty spoiled with this gallery. It's an amazing space.

We hit a few other dinky galleries downtown, an overdose of great art. My heart grows a little every time we go to Tulsa.

Friday's Free

Last weekend was packed full. Full of running around, meetings and projects. In all fairness, it's self inflicted, I can't complain. Last Friday I met my aunt, Jenni, and my cousin, Jay, to discuss a birthday piece for my cousin, Katy. Her birthday is February 27, she'll be the big 2-5, and Jenni requested I do a piece for her dining room. We met over at her condo in OKC to scope the space and search for some inspiration. There were no sparks but we did grab a bite and discussed the complications of life. It lifted some weight, made room to relax for the weekend. Two sisters and a daughter. The 'other daughter' was off skiing in Winter Park, shameful! Me and Jay! We may be roommates in several months (still waiting on those schools). Later that evening it was back to Norman. T and I layered up and headed out for Norman's monthly 'art walk.' We were quite successful. We hit: the faculty show at the Lightwell Gallery, Firehouse Art, Mainsite, and the opeining at the Gray Owl. The work at the Mainsite was grand AND they had cupcakes! "Death is Wack," Cupcakes make it all o.k. We caught a straggler while we were on our tour (Sarah, seen huffing the yellow cupcake).

The Gray Owl was the last stop. The opening began at 9pm. It was packed and they were pulling shots like madmen. I didn't late and to little care. They even had live music, it was happening, full of hipsters and delightful smells, sites, sensory overload! I can't believe we made it to all the openings, we usually falter but we were on our game. A fantastic way to start the weekend!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

VD Photo Shoot

This is my valentine: I break hearts-cold, hard bitch. Happy Hunting!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Love Love

I know V-day is a few days off but I'm checking out for the weekend so this is your official 2010 Valentine. I'm clockin' out at noon-guns fired, out with a bang! This weekend is chalk full of art galleries, chocolate and some good ol' highway miles! To you and yours- Much love from me and Z. X0X0

Thursday, February 11, 2010


in gold. Is it finished? I'm not sure. I sat in a daze, glaring at myself for nearly an hour. I'm sure there is something left to be done but does it NEED it? I think the problem is attempting to please an audience. Yesterday I actually thought, 'Will people look at this and see that it's only 5 hours of work?" "Should I put more time in?"

Art shouldn't be about selling something. It shouldn't be about an investment. It just needs to be genuine and sure. It's tough because so many of my pieces are 'self portraits' whether they are figurative or not, they are all heavily based on my thoughts and reactions to my environment. In turn, when I look at my work, especially ones involving my face, I become self conscious. I want to add more, perhaps a distraction, coping mechanism. Not sure. Anyway, here's the big 'n. It consist of fabric, a GIANT image transfer and some gold leaf. It's about religion. Nothing out of the ordinary for me. I have to admit, that's tea in that mug..."revelations." Get it? That's as far as I'm going to lead you. If you want to hear more, you know my number. Cheers!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Some of you are already aware of the HUGE party I'm throwing this June but I'm going to elaborate (for those interested). I've sent out an announcement requesting recommendations (via FB) for live music but feel free to offer it up here as well. Both my folks are turning 50 this year;Dad-March 30 and Mom-Oct. 27. June 6th is their 28th wedding anniversary which is on a Sunday so I picked June 5th as the mark. I figured it's significant and about halfway between their actual birthdays. This isn't going to be just another birthday, it's going to be THE birthday.

The live music is a secret (don't spill the beans) and I also plan on at least 1 keg-Coors Light (my dad has bad taste but it's b-day). I will also be handling the invitations, theme/decorations and food (basically everything). It's still a ways off but right now, my jumping off point is McLintock. My mom called me last week suggesting a spit roast for the party. She got the idea while watching Mclintock. "Ask and you shall receive," After all, it's your party! I did some research on constructing a spit roast and found it's definitely something I need to start NOW. My mom's aunt, Linda, has a farm in Wellston, Oklahoma so I'm going to be working with her for the slaughter. We plan on roasting a pig. I have had a great response on bands for hire but none seem to fit. My dad is quite picky when it comes to music. Ideally, I'd love to grab Everclear (one of his 'alive' faves) but they're big time. Not to mention, Art, the front-man, is a huge liberal, I'd hate to see him come face to face with my pa. Thankfully, I have time. I know there's someone out there with the right connects. I'm stoked about this deal. Beer, bonfires, meat, music, sleeping bags, and summertime! Can't arrive quick enough. Add a few womyn to these photos and the scene is set! I just hope there's not a shoot out prior to June. Given the current atmosphere, this thing could be dust in a minute. No matter what, I love 'em both and they deserve it. Fingers crossed!

Get Away

Anticipating a short get away, I filled up my tank yesterday on my lunch break. Driving is my escape. It's not the same in the winter but it still eases the mind. I thought I may scope out some new territory but it's tough to break habit. This is what alerts me my destination is near. It's when I sigh, everything will be O.K. Route 66 always calls me home. I end up in Chandler/Davenport when I don't know what to do. It's tame and barren-simple, in a good way. I hung out, had some dinner, watched the sunset and drove home (the long way). I went to bed early and tried not to consider it a waste of time. I do feel better this morning, we'll see what today has in store. Wishing on a star...