Monday, November 30, 2009


It's really here. Already. I can't believe I'm fast approaching 24 and a new year. Unbelievable. There is still so much to do. I've got a birthday to celebrate, Triple Threat Talent craft show, a portfolio to manage, graduate applications to finalize, (UGH) to, too many X-mas obligations and a New Year's craft swap hosted by yours truly. What have I gotten myself into?

On the bright side, before you know it, I'll be heading out to SF to celebrate 2010! I'm both anxious and excited. Even with all this hanging over my head I welcome December. I feel like 2009 has been a year I'll always remember. So many life changing experiences and new friendships. It's been a hoot! Can't wait to out-do it all in 2010!

To top off our extreme November, T and I went to OKC for dinner and an 'art gala.' We had dinner at The Wedge (TRY IT!) where we had an incredible wood fired pizza! While we were dinging, we also got a glimpse of Oklahoma rock star, Wayne Coyne and wife Melissa seated several tables over. The art gala was a flop so we drove over to our fave, Automobile Alley on Broadway. Their Christmas lights are out of this world. I don't think I've ever been so impressed with Christmas lights. So simple yet so surreal. Here's to a dandy December and a wonderful, Dean Martin filled winter!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

There's More

We ended up getting back early Saturday evening (early for our standards). We had a dip party and drank some wine (maybe some vodka too, Shh). T made some interesting salsa and I made Martha's white bean dip and some cheese dip. It was quite a party. We had some craft projects that we had been anticipating but they were at the bottom of the list. A few drinks into our evening we weren't reasonable enough to work on anything worthwhile so we did some crafting for ourselves. I can't believe we were using a hot glue gun. I spent this morning recounting my weekend and wondering how I got a blister on my finger. Ta DA! Instead of waking up to a mess of beer cans and cigarette holes I got feather headbands and a makeshift 'friendship necklace.' Even your grandma would be proud! This Saturday involved much more but it's reserved for 'THE select.' I will say, even though I question the strength of my superpower (intimidation) from time to time, this weekend confirmed it's still intact. Good times!

Super Saturday

My roommate and I have a soft spot for Tulsa. It's just far enough away to feel like we're away from home but close enough we can drive it in a day. It's pretty comparable to OKC but seems like much more fun. I think it's due to it's 'newness' and locale, just out of arms reach. Last Saturday was the bedlam game. Our town was invaded by some 80,000 ego filled football fans. Our ueue to flee. It's become a ritual.

Speaking of rituals, this trip really made me realize that I'm very much a creature of habit. These photos make me giggle. Every time we go to Tulsa it's the same things over and over. Funny thing is, we always enjoy it. Even if we run the same route. I guess once you've seen one set of photos from our Tulsa travels you've seen 'em all. First stop, coffee at the DoubleShot. Lunch at BBD. Food is one thing that is ever changing. We always try to eat at some place new and local. Carnivore. MMmm grease. Livin' the American dream. Stylized, sunshine yellow, plastic chair down in Brookside. This was the neatest furniture design/store but only for those with overstuffed pockets. After lunch and a little stroll around Brookside we jumped over to the Philbrook. There was a lot happening at the museum. Tons of holiday festivities, even Santa showed up for photos with the kiddies. They were also having a celebration for their holiday garden lighting. We wanted to check it out but we ran out of entertainment prior to the event so we bounced. I'm probably responsible, Scrooge? Most of the activities were for the children but T insisted we make clay 'snow people.' It was a lot of fun even though parents were giving us the evil eye. I sort of felt like those punk teenagers that go around in their street clothes trick-or-treating but I was a good sport. It's the least I could do for my loyal wingman! My solitary X-mas decoration. I must admit, I'd do it all over again, even if I am depriving some child from making a 'snow person.' They also had a bunch of Christmas tress on display. T's Favorite. Lush. Industrial. Galvanized. Made of gloves. Plasma meets grinder, and then some... I have a ton of punch cards. Most of them for coffee. Wanna play? And, we've come full circle. Mexican cocoa with soy. Mmmm. Tulsa we await your return!

Work in Progress

I'm preceding my over indulgent Saturday update with a glance at real work (always a teetering balancing act). I began a new piece last week. It's still in the beginning stages but this was the first layer. It has already taken a sharp turn and I can't wait to see where it goes. I have also added quite a bit to these pieces. It's taking all I have to hold back posting them in their current state but I want to wait it out until I feel they're complete. In the meantime, feast on this: Let your imagination run wild!

Ornaments by Mail

After shopping last Friday, I came home empty handed but I did find my ornament from the exchange in the mailbox. Everyone loves packages! This guy came to me all the way from Nashville, TN. It's a handsome little piece and I want to give a shout out and thanks to my partner, Amy. She's been through a lot these past weeks and I send my thoughts and holiday wishes!

I hope I don't spoil the fun, but here's the ornament I made:It's little stocking in the shape of a boot. It was a lot of fun to make and relatively simple. Just a blanket stitch around the vinyl. A little evidence that there is a speck of "holiday cheer" down in me.

Also, three cheers to Beki for organizing. I'm sure it was no small project to tackle so thanks for your time!


This long weekend has been anything but long. I'm still amazed at the ground I covered. Just a fair warning, my post are going to be scattered and may back track. To bad I still haven't acquired the ability to foresee the future. Friday my mom and I spared the corporate greed and headed to some local shop in OKC. We didn't come home with any tremendous deals but we had a lovely time and grabbed a bite to eat at a delicious restaurant, Cheever's. I got the special. It was yum! Mom and her grilled chicken sandwich with bacon. It also looked delightful.
On our way back home we stopped by to see my friend Jamie and baby Bella. Mom hadn't seen Bella since her birthday so it was nice to see how she has grown. She's still so tiny, just under 6lbs, but boy does she have personality. She's one feisty lil'n. Momma and bebe. Me 'n Bella the Beauty. We danced and I sung her to sleep while the two moms took a break. This topped any 'door buster' available on Black Friday 09!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Queen of Sheba

Last night T and I were invited to an unusual ethic dining experience. I practically had to drag T to the joint. She tried to escape but my superpowers of intimidation won out. In the end I think she was happy to have tagged along. The classy facade. Not really representative of the feast extravaganza. She could not believe her eyes! Or er taste buds. Decor. No utensils, you eat with your hands. I take things like this pretty seriously. Scrumptious! Look at that spread! Salad, green beans, chick peas, lamb, more salad, potatoes, lentils, beef and chicken in the center. Dig in! The bread (seen on the left) was something else. It was crepe like but very spongy. There was a lot of talk about what it resembled. The best analogy involved Buffalo Bill, that's all the details you get. Devoured. Plumply content. Afterward, T and I went to Zorbas and had some girly drinks. Then we walked over to the Barnes and Noble next door and I was enamored by Martha's cupcake book! What a night! Thanks to Sarah for inviting us to an incredible Ethiopian dinner!

Thursday, November 26, 2009


A couple years back my grandparents were remodeling their kitchen. I was in the midst of finishing up my art degree and my grandma approached me about some custom tile work for her back splash. She picked out various vegetables and flora and I took it from there. She also requested a large composition to be placed above her range. I struggled a bit to make sure my tiles were cohesive with the tile she had already purchased for the project. Let me begin by saying, these were not easy. They involved many layers of painting with firing in between. It was a very lengthy and tedious process but there is nothing like seeing her face light up after they were in place. She adores them and that makes it worth the pain. Since I had my camera handy this Thanksgiving I thought I'd snap a few shots. Enjoy!This piece still needs to be bordered. She has been searching for awhile but she said she just hasn't found anything she's crazy about. These tiles definitely add a very personalized aspect to her kitchen. Since my grandmother spends a lot of time in the kitchen it's nice to have some special, custom details.

I'm not opposed to taking commissions although I will be honest, It will take large sums of money to agree to a project of this magnitude.

Do you have a favorite?

Turkey for All!

Happy Thanksgiving! I'm as tight as a tick, I feel like a glutton. To too many sweets! There were pies running out our ears. I had to do it, for the sake of all the starving children. No waste! I hope everyone had an equally fulfilling day. I got to spend some quality time with my family which is surprisingly stress relieving. I guess it's because I'm home free. I don't have to do much beside stuff my face. They keep telling me my time will come,until then I'm going to take advantage of being 'one of the kids.' Welcome to my grandparent's "humble abode." "Where the wind comes sweepin' down the plain." "Z"- Learn it, know it, beware! We ate. ...And ate! Pumpkin praline. Check out the recipe here! It was a hit! After stuffing ourselves we went for a walk down the street. Wonderful day. There were kids riding bikes and people chatting on their porches. I wish I could have hit pause and soaked up the atmosphere awhile. No fine china, just colorful fiesta ware. It's a metaphor. Board games. Always in order when there are babes under 10 around. Even the legal adults get a kick out of toys this time of year. Insert book in place of laptop. Remember those days? I do. Either way, they're enthralled with grandma and her wisdom. At least some things never change. The Zorn(Weeks) gals. The Z clan! Thankful for a healthy and happy family! Success!