Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Nothing new, I've been burning the candle at both ends. Last weekend it caught up with me. I felt exhausted, emotional, and blue. I wasn't sure how kick it. Once you start down that road it's tough to find an off ramp (and lord knows, drinkin' ain't the answer). I've been feeling restless and homesick. I long for Tulsa, my treehouse, my studio, walks with Zola through Maple Park and stopping time at CHOCS. I've already grown tired of routine and forty hour work weeks in an office. It's only been about two weeks and my head is in the clouds. Through the darkness I have realized that my decision to move away was necessary and I am positive it was the right decision.
So, to kick the blues? Mother nature. A trip to the lake did the trick, along with some much needed inspiration and support from a kindred spirit-we shall refer to him as "Big Daddy" (because it would make him laugh). We all wax and wane. Thankfully, the earth and our dearest are always there for the downward spiral. Even through the heartbreak of being away from Tulsa, I was able to appreciate my home-the red dirt, muddy water and family. My cousin and I (along with her buddy)spent a few hours in the cool lake, basked in the sun and had a picnic. We had lots of laughs and I felt renewed, connected and ready to start a new week! It was a wonderful way to wrap up a melancholy Monday! Now, onward. . .conquer the 405!

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