Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Big City

Good morning! It's a slow start to a Saturday but I wouldn't have it any other way. I have time to relax, ponder and blog! I've been trying to get back into the swing of everyday post but it's tough. Now that I'm back at a desk for forty hours a week you'd think I could sneak a post in here or there. Well, I probably could. But, I've been living in the moment. I replaced the camera I used to haul in my satchel with a book. Photos take a back seat to the demands of life (living).

My camera also contributed to the decision to ditch documentation. It was big with minimal battery life. I may be able to snap 5 or 6 photos (maybe) before it told me to change the new batteries. I'm highly considering buying a new one if not for the sake of this blog but to document my art. I've decided to let my website lapse. It's out of date and it cost money. I plan on a major overhaul and then she'll go live. A revival. Anyone out there want to help?

So, back to living. . .Last weekend I made a short jaunt to visit my grandpa in Fort Worth. He had been hounding me about making the trip. I hadn't been since last summer. I need a breath of fresh air, I need to see wine in the grocery store, but most of all I need to sit and have coffee with my grandpa while he reads the paper. We talk politics and cars. He tells me stories about my mom and takes me shopping. He's a stand up guy, love him!

We usually don't partake in the night life but I couldn't resist. They'd tuck in early and I had to burn the midnight oil! One of my favorite spots is the Scat Jazz Lounge. It's something out of a Dean Martin movie. The cover is a bit steep but who can put a price on fun? I overindulged a bit that first night and claimed I would take it easy the rest of the weekend. HA! The next afternoon I caught wind of my favorite Norman band playing near TCU! WHAT! The stars had aligned and the buffalo sighting personified. Alas, I couldn't be contained. Libations were tame but it was made up in dancing. Luckily, they were the openers so the set was short and I made it home just a bit after midnight. It was a pleasantly busy weekend, Fort Worth has always been close to my heart! Visit if you can, see some museums. . .

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