Saturday, August 28, 2010


Well, we're about to kiss August goodbye and I've just started to settle in to my new place. Zola and I rose early and headed over to the farmers market. Second Saturday was a hit. We arrived a little later than last weekend and caught some live music. It was just right outside. The sun was rising and there was a cool breeze. It seems summer is also packing it's things and preparing to hit the road for awhile.

I've concluded the first week of graduate school, so far, so good. I'm still in the dark about several things but the path feels right. I have my own studio on campus which will serve as a second bedroom/home-away-from home. I'm ready to get my hands dirty!

I also completed a week of work over at the museum. It's a retail job, and part time so it has also been an adjustment. I've found the best remedy is keeping a book within arm's reach. Between work and school, I'm about to lose 'personal time' which means this blog my dwindle to a few post a month. I would like to redirect the post to my graduate work. The process, my thoughts and their derivation along with contemporary studies. It's crucial to delve into the scene and I plan to use this blog as an outlet. Stay tuned for some originals. The studio is primed and ready. In the meantime, some 'iPhone shots' from the beginning of my Tulsa Time:The birth of Zola. Lazy days with the pooch. A snippet from one of Tulsa's many bike trails. Right now I am without a cycle and I feel disconnected. I tried to buy a trunk mounted rack to haul my bike but I wasn't satisfied. I should have planned better. I am now waiting, impatiently, for someone to deliver my bike to me. It's excruciating. The weather is exceptional and I'm missing out! Naked ladies everywhere! A piece from TU. A final note-words of wisdom.

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