Thursday, August 19, 2010


Hi! It's been too long. Apologies. Things have been/are hectic. Last night I spent my first night in Tulsa. It's still a bit surreal. I feel like an outsider looking in, starry eyed. Today was graduate student orientation and my first day back to work. I quit my last job August 6th and since then it's been ridiculous. I'm not sure when summer officially ends but I'm called it last weekend. Last weekend was my send off. Four consecutive days dancin', drinkin' and merrimakin' takes it's toll in more ways than one. I'm ready to buckle down. Summer 2010 has been the best. Seriously. Lots of cupcakes. My best friends in Norman at the same time! Sunday nights swingin' to Hosty. Good debates with the guys from OU Law. Summer flings! Fireworks! Professional Photoshoots! My last evening in Norman, I had a photo shoot with Bill Richards of Okie Studios. He is one of the terrific bartenders from the Deli and he just shines through the camera! He is super professional and I was thrilled to work with him! I don't usually enjoy being photograph. In fact, I didn't even have professional senior photos made. Luckily, I have a completely different attitude than the one that hung over me back then. This shoot was delightful. Bill is an amazing artist. His attention to detail and concept development is top notch. He is a whiz with the computer! This was our final take. When I asked him if I needed to bring anything he replied, "bring a smile and anything that screams 'you'" What is more fitting that an chainsaw? "Little Red, Riding Bill!" Out for blood!

Did this really happen? How can I top it? How about with intensive graduate work? Believe it or not, I'm a bit homesick. I miss my house a bit. My yard. I need to mow, or do I? I miss my bike (it should be here soon and I can't wait to hit the trails). I miss the Deli and I'm going to miss my crew. Time to establish a new one!

Zola and I took a stroll through Maple Park this evening. It's blocks away from my digs and it was at this moment: the sun setting on the Tulsa Skyline (just over the park) with my best buddy, that I knew this was home. I can't wait to start classes Monday. I have lots to do to the apartment. Look forward to photos. I am quite scatterbrained these days (as you can probably tell) so don't hold your breath but it will happen. . .eventually. Since I'm not sitting at a desk eight hours a day (day in-day out) I find little time to blog. I'm hoping that once I establish a routine here in the 918, I'll be better at posting. I look forward to my latest endeavors and I can't wait to share them with you! Farmer's market this weekend (it's walking distance!) and garage sailing. Join me if you're in the neighborhood! Toodles!

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