Wednesday, August 4, 2010

My Best

It's August! I can't believe it. So much to do and it's already the 4th! My days in Norman are numbered and I've already got work lined up in Tulsa. I start a part time gig up at the Gilcrease August 19. I can't wait to jump, head first, into the art program but I'm still a but worried about finances. The last few days have been blurry. Since last weekend, I feel as though I'm viewing myself from above. I can't coordinate my body with my mind and it's been fairly rough getting things done. Last weekend was full of activities and drama. Perhaps, that's why I'm feeling odd. I'm trying to repair. Luckily, my three best friends were in tow. I wish they were around more often but as we've grown up, we all have busy schedules and endless responsibilities. We also live in different cities which makes it tough.JME. Carmen. Me. KC

We spent Saturday afternoon/evening together and it was just like old times. I wish they could have hung around longer, it was an emotional and fulfilling weekend but I could use them this week/month. Good friends are hard to find and I'm lucky to have held on to these throughout the years. Many more to come. Love you girls!

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