Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Building Something New

It has been tough trying to think about things positively. It's just hardwired, I have always been a pessimist, which makes the rough times harder than ever. I keep trying to tell myself this is a new beginning, a time to build something new...see the world. But at the end of a day I come home to an empty house (except for my dog, who is always happy to see me) and sit for hours until it's time to go to bed. I have even got myself looking at the clock and saying, wow! still 2 hours until bedtime? Time just creeps. Work, home, Monday, weekend, doesn't matter, I can't feel happy. As they (the optimist) say, 'time flies when you're having fun' but a pessimist, like me, would say, 'time crawls when your miserable.'

I found these neat blocks while carousing the internet:

They are made by a company called Fidoodle. The colors are magnificent and compliment the delightfully, whimsical imagery! A little out of nowhere? Not really. The blocks actually made me consider building something new. I'm not sure what that entails, maybe several things: new friendships, new attitude, new career, new projects. Who knows, the list is endless (Let's be optimistic)!


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  2. I think you should walk on over to the bright side and try optimism on for awhile!!! I think you might be pleasantly surprised to find how enjoyable it is to be positive ;) So if you are building new friendship, will you be demolishing old ones to make room??

  3. Old friendships will always be dear to my heart but you and I are still making memories so really our friendship will always be 'new.'