Saturday, May 23, 2009

Mother's Love

Let me first begin by saying even under "normal" circumstances (and things have been far from normal recently) I don't do anything to my yard(s). I'm not, nor have I ever been. a 'green thumb.' I don't get joy from pulling weeds from flower beds no matter how gratifying having blooming flowers may be. I had never even mowed a lawn until yesterday (womyn unite!).

While I was at work yesterday my mom snuck over to my house and worked on the front lawn (wish I had a before photo b/c it was awful). The flower beds were filled with tall weeds they were covered with leaves and the conglomeration of bushes in the front were a complete mess. I was so excited and relieved that she had taken care of those things that were so long overdue. I guess she knew I wasn't in the state to worry about the condition of my yard. Thanks mom! You're the greatest!

Just look at it! Blue sky and all!

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  1. Aww!!! I love Jules!!! The yard is looking good!! Must be nice to have gotten so much rain!