Friday, May 22, 2009


[Me. c.2004]
I'm struggling with so many things in my life as of late. One of which has been weighing on my mind quite heavily: Who am I? I used to know this and be proud, but unfortunately today, I have lost track. It's probably better because looking back, I realize that I was a stubborn, arrogant teenager. At times I miss it but most of the time I know I need to work on changing. Here are some things that you may not know about me. They are trivial but it feels better to take my mind off of the 'big picture' for awhile.

1.) Catch me on the right day and I can eat an entire pizza.
2.) Van Morrison must play at my wedding.
3.) There are a couple of Britney Spear songs that I absolutely love!
4.) I always carry a $2 bill in my wallet for luck.
5.) One of my dreams is to race Nascar.
6.) I can't sleep unless I brush my teeth first.
7.) I have only had 1 cup of coffee in my lifetime.
8.) I sing in the shower.
9.) Driving is my escape, it's the one thing that clears my head.
10.) I have this odd obsession with Chandler, OK.

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  1. My mom lives in Chandler! I just realized the other day that you have another blog. I'm sorry I missed some important stuff in your life. Are you okay? I need to come down to Norman to hang out. I can do a Sunday anytime or a Friday night.