Friday, May 22, 2009


Things are getting better, slowly... I have been thinking about working on my house. I have so many projects going on and even more ideas. I wish I had something to better organize my ideas and projects. I need an assistant! My kitchen is probably my favorite room in the house. I don't cook so it's all in vain but it looks pretty. The cabinets most likely are original to the house and they are cheap. I painted them but i would like to update the cabinet doors (at least on the top). Considering the size of the house I just don't think a full renovation of the cabinets would be wise. In the end, a house has a cap on how much someone will pay given the size and let's face it, this house isn't worthy of the most lavish taste (unless I plan on living in it until I die, which I don't). Here is the kitchen:
The counter tops are 6x8" white ceramic tiles and the back splash tiles are 12x3" glass, accent tiles. One idea is to make some new cabinet doors with glass faces. Like so:

I would really like textured glass or something with a pattern but I thought if I just did standard glass I could wall paper the back of the shelves but maybe it's to much? I like this wall paper but I think it maybe overkill (I'm attempting to simplify things). [Paper]

Although I think if I converted to all white dishes it could be very stunning against the paper. Maybe even some lights inside the cabinets, fancy! I know that a project like this won't actually happen until I finished the hundreds that are in front of it but it sure is fun to consider the possibilities.

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