Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Collective

Printmaking is a team sport. Things run smoother in numbers. Aside from the technical benefits of working in a group it's also socially rewarding. I entered the printmaking department last fall with two other print grads. We've become a tight pack. In fact, this semester we plan on working on an extensive, collaborative project. More detail shall follow but for now, I want to discuss the Universal Limited Art Editions or ULAE.

Last Thursday, me and my fellow print-makers attended a lecture by Bill Goldston at the Philbrook. Bill has maintained and grown the print collective and it's quite an amazing story. I won't elaborate since you can read the history on the website but Bill emphasized the importance of creating a community. I felt a spark. I told my cohorts that like the ULAE, we'd make history. After the lecture, we went over to a gallery down on Brookside to see some of the prints that came out of the ULAE. It's big time. We're talking huge names: Rauschenberg, Johns, Tuttle, and so on. IT's endearing to see people banding together and exchanging ideas. We've decided to start our own group. We were all so pumped we went out for a few drinks and started tossing around names and logos! Time to take Tulsa by storm. Look out!

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