Sunday, January 16, 2011

Last Minutes

Yesterday I had a baby shower to attend. I know, fun. Well, by Friday I decided I better get to work on something. I looked around and realized I had a thrift store frame ready for a revival. I rifled through some of my paper and found a couple of pieces of hand dyed paper that would fit. Of course, it had already been used so I had to figure out a way to piece them together. How about thread? I've been on a paper sewing kick since grad school. Not only is it functional but it's also like drawing, but with a sewing machine. It's also a very green approach. In the past, I saved every little inch of those expensive paper but in the end they just sat, untouched. Then, I moved and decided to throw all of those "useless" bits. What was I thinking? Now, I use them like a quilter uses scraps. It's fun and economical! So, for Reese Renee Robbins, I painted a Robin's nest. She'll be here in February! And, I'm happy to help jazz up her nest!

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