Friday, January 21, 2011

Mixed Media

So, I'm formally labeled a printmaker. Enrolled as an MFA student in Printmaking. While I love printmaking, I'm sort of an 'anti-printmaker, printmaker' I work in small numbers, mostly 1. I'm not big on huge production run and I love 'one-of-a kind.' I guess I'm a 'painterly-print maker.' Who needs labels anyway?

I really consider myself a mixed media artist. I love textiles, thread and I'm always look for ways to incorporate craft into my work. Lately, I've been hellbent on image transfers. How can I apply printmaking to fabric? Well, screen printing is an obvious solution but what else? It was during my research that I realized a seemingly obvious method but it was something I hadn't thought about. How about running fabric through an inkjet printer? WOW! Profound. Here's a great tutorial. My printer is a cheapy and it doesn't support banner/large format so I just spray adhesive fabric to sheets of card stock. Voila!

There are also various solvent transfer methods. One of the popular transfer methods around our Art School is Hand Sanitizer Transfers. They don't do very well on textiles but they work beautifully on smooth surfaces such as watercolor paper or wood.

I also ran across a Citra Solv Transfer which I haven't tried but the tutorial is well done and seems successful! Have I missed anything? I'm always up for learning new techniques! Fun Friday and Weekend Wishes!

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