Monday, July 13, 2009

Almost Forgot

I have to mention the great pair of shoes I picked up while I was in Fort Worth. I know, I know, shallow and atypical of a 'girl named Bill' but I'm still a lady at heart. I really loved them in the store but they were way to expensive. We were about to go to a discount shoe store when we stopped in the quality shoes store (they were having their annual sale) and I tried on a pair of Donald J Pliner sandals. My grandpa's wife, Patsy liked them so much she wouldn't let me leave the store without them. Even though they were half off there was no way I could afford them, I was planning on leaving them and Patsy insisted she buy them for me. I didn't fight to much, but I still feel they are a little extravagant for me. I guess sometimes we fall into luxury. I am very appreciative!Tomorrow, Part II of "Destination Texas" the photos are a hoot!

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