Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Throughout my shopping endeavors in San Angelo I became infatuated with various, taxidermy heads. I could have picked one up for less than $100 but I just don't think it fits my decor. Plus, I don't really have anywhere to put one. Casie had a beautiful, "fake" (not sure of the material) moose head. I threatened to sneak it into the trunk of my car before I left.

Yesterday I went to clean/organize the closet in my studio and I was distracted after I pulled out the first piece of fabric:This is an old piece of canvas from a chair my friend Barb reupholstered. She gave me this piece about 2 years ago and I finally got around to using it. I have made a vow to use the materials currently in my studio rather than buying new. I just have to much stuff. It has made me quite the little engineer, lessons in how to turn practical to "pretty." As you will see, I was heavily influenced by the original shape of the canvas:Mounting is troublesome. I haven't decided how I want to hang this puppy. Again, I'm sure it will come down to ingenuity. Stay tuned! Suggestions welcome...

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