Sunday, July 5, 2009


Friday I bought a new CD(Regina Spektor). Two in one week, what's wrong with me? I blame it on boredom and emotional distress. My mind has been overclocked this passed week and I feel like I just want to run away. My car has new tires, fresh oil and I detailed it today. I also went overboard and purchased a K&N air filter which will be installed tomorrow before I head down to Fort Worth. I'm set to cruise the country.

Today I decided to take her out for a spin and crank up my new CD. I went up to Western and took pictures of all the pretty signs:The Will Rogers Theater.I'm still not sure what this business was. There was nothing on the building just this great sign. I think it was made from part of a rim and it was beautiful. It has a very rigid, design quality and the weathering... oh the weathering!This is the fence around a little pizza joint on Western called "The Wedge." I absolutely love the pattern and colors. It's also very eye catching, a great way to advertise.This isn't the best picture (I was driving) but at the corner of Britton and Western there is this great, old, rock building that's been there as long as I can remember. As of late, there is a photo place doing business out of it and the loud, cheap red letters really cracked me up. It sort of reminded me of those magnetic refrigerator letters I had as a kid.Last, but not least, and my turning around point...the mothership, Diamond Zorn on Western. It doesn't look like much but there are 3 generations worth of sweat and blood in this outfit. As the Diamonds dwindle to one hand it won't be long until this legacy disappears. I have thought a lot about this especially driving around and noticing all of the old signs and empty buildings. It's sad and inspiring at the same time. It was an interesting ride!

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