Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Destination Texas: Part II

The second half of my vacation was magnificent! Thursday, July 9, I drove down to San Angelo, Texas to visit my best friend, Casie. As mentioned, I love to drive but this time I got a bit out of hand. Well, maybe I'm always out of hand, this time I just got caught; I got a speeding ticket in Anson, Texas, 80 in a 70 :(. I thought maybe it was an omen but everything beyond that turned out great!

Friday we went to this little 'art compound.' It was called the Chicken Farm and they have studios, a B&B and a little restaurant. It was very neat. I just wanted to move in!
This is as close to a horse as I have come in quite some time, that's why I look so pleased!
These cactus were outside the place. I think San Angelo residents are used to seeing these everywhere. I, on the other hand, was impressed.They have a resident blacksmith.Giant, ceramic chess set.

After the Chicken Farm we had lunch and walked around downtown. We found several great antique/vintage stores. I adored downtown, it was so quaint with lovely buildings and old signs.Why so serious?

After shopping, Casie took me down to this little alley that had some amazing art work.They were having a moment, so I turned my head, like a fly on the wall :)These guys were nicely done. The weathering really added to the mood.This face is amazing. I'm not sure if someone had tried to paint over the original stencil or if the effect seen above was intentional. Either way, it's exceptional. The haziness in the face against the wall patina is perfection.After that we ran away from the heat. It was scorching. Casie and her b/f, Taylor were the best hosts. I dedicate this post in their honor and I am very gracious for their 'southern hospitality.' Saturday, Casie and I went garage "sale-ing" and hit some thrift stores. We found some real treasures. Posts on them later. That concludes my week vacation. It's back to work this week, I still have 'Spring Fever' and it isn't even spring!

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