Monday, July 27, 2009

Catching Up!

I have been behind on blogging. Must be a sign that my real life has either been busy or else I have been day dreaming. I must admit, it's a result of the latter. I have decided that I'm going to take it down a notch, or at least attempt to just stop and look. I'm always running around at least 10 mph faster than everyone else and it makes me feel anxious. What's wrong with just dawdling? Nothing. It's good for the soul and the creative mind. It's just hard for me to down shift. I love overdrive, but it's rough...maybe I need some medication or a stiff drink?

Anyway, I wanted to share a couple of things from last week. They don't really pertain to one another although I noticed the color schemes are quite similar. It's not surprising, I tend to use the same palette throughout my landscape. MMMMmm. This smoothie was the best! One banana, a handful of frozen blueberries, some OJ and ice! Try it, you'll love it! Remember my laptop bag? Well, I was so thrilled with the way it turned out I decided to give that lovely, utilitarian strapping another shot. This was going to be my bike bag but now that it's done it's going to be my "everyday satchel." This bag was quite a bit more complex than my laptop case. It includes a lining with pockets, a zipper, a gusset and piping. All done without a pattern. I don't like patterns, they always take the long way. Plus, it's nice to have something one-of-a-kind. I think you're up to speed as far as the adventures of Bill the Girl go. I am off to cut some new stencils. Don't change that channel!

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  1. Ok so I am still waiting on my laptop bag!! ;) Anywho... Tay and I make smoothies, but we use bananas and strawberries. Sometime I will add either cranberry or orange juice. However, I recently tried using canned pineapple, orange juice and a banana... Yum!!!