Monday, July 13, 2009

Destination Texas: Part I

Monday, July 6, my mom and I headed down to Fort Worth to visit my grandpa and his wife, Patsy. We have lots of fun hitting discount stores, thrift stores and Nordstrom and Neimans. It's quite the trip! I always enjoy getting to see my grandparents and it's also neat to see both sides of the economic spectrum.

Fort Worth has always been dear to my heart, I have always thought I would live there at one point in my life. One thing I absolutely love about Fort Worth is all the great food. My town only sustains franchises and chains with only a handful of independent restaurants. We went to a different restaurant every night while we were in Fort Worth and they were all great! Again from yuppie to "good ol' boys." Here are some of my favorites:Kincaid's! We always, always eat a Kincaid's hamburger while we are visiting. It's a tradition.
Next, a "new" place that I'm very surprised they hadn't taken us sooner:
The Lunchbox. We were having a 'girl's day' and we stopped in this darling cafe for lunch. It was delicious!One last name drop...Eddie V's! This restaurant is definitely on the 'high end' of the spectrum but it would be perfect for any special occasion. My mom and I were special enough to warrant such a lavish dinner. Mom and I had 8oz filet's and a giant side of twice baked potatoes. We also had a great bottle of Whitehaven Sauvignon blanc and a flaming, bananas foster cake. It was amazing!

We returned home July 9 with our belts a little looser. The best part, of course, is time with family but there's nothing wrong with being a glutton for three days!

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