Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Free Day 2

Another free day! Today I woke up early to head over to the local farmer's market. I have been to the last two and left empty handed. I'm just not a cook but this week I prepared. I picked out a recipe and had a list. I bought some eggplants and tomatoes. Throw in some olive oil and chicken and you have a delicious meal! In fact, I just finished eating it and I have left overs, YAY! It was all cooked on the grill which left little to clean up and I feel more relaxed using the grill. I figure I will work my way up to the "big leagues" (pots and pans). Tonight was just practice in prepping (cutting, marinating, general kitchen savvy).

After that excursion I didn't have much planned so I swung over to DZ for a bit. While I was there I remembered there were some projects that required various and sundry tools that I didn't have at home so I went to grab the pieces and got to work. While I was meandering around the shop I found a couple things worth mentioning: Beyond repair? Yes. Used for parts I suppose. The location was priceless. Seems like those weeds are ridiculing the poor, dead mower. Ok, this may seem a little disturbing to some but I had to post this photo especially for KC. (That pile at YH has nothing compared to this!) I promise not all Okies are crazy, contrary to what this photo may insinuate. This is a giant junk/scrap pile in the yard at DZ. My dad is quite the pack rat but I must admit I had a heyday digging through this pile while in art school. Even today, I came up with something!Here it is! I know it doesn't look like much but it's still beautiful right? How about as a business card holder? I have entered an art festival and I decided if I'm going to be displaying my work I better be prepared to network. Nothing like free and recycled!

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