Thursday, July 23, 2009

Free Day

Today I had the day off. I really think the French got it right when they decided on 30 hour work weeks! My mom and I trekked up to OKC to poke around, hit some local shops and such. No agenda perse, just gawking. I did find a few trinkets. Like I said in my last post, we just can't resist buying 'things.'Bring me your bone! Good Doggy! ::Pat, Pat:: This trivet was just to much to pass up! It reads, "Kissin don't last, cookin do!" They should really print that on marriage licenses! Now I just need to learn to cook and find me a man. Then I will live up to the latest addition to my kitchen.An immaterial note (it's all about balance): For lunch, we cruised awhile and before we knew it we were at DZ in OKC. We stopped by to visit a little and ask them for lunch suggestions. We ended up at a deli up the street and had sandwiches. It was great getting to chat with my grandma for awhile. Often times we don't get to have 'real conversations.' Most of the time we get together it involves large groups of people. I wish my grandpa could have made it but he had already eaten lunch plus, he had to hold down the shop. Next time Pop! It was a much needed breather from the "ho hum."

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