Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I have been thinking a lot about materialism. We love "things." Ornaments, trinkets, pretties, and "precious." More often than not, my blog consists of such subjects. Perhaps we like these things because they are tangible, describable, simple? I'm not sure. It's a heavy concept and I'm not really willing to dive in full-fledged right now. Pardon me.

In lieu of such contemplation, I began thinking about things of a less tangible nature. Things I adore but can't really convey. They're more about experience than description. I shall attempt to explain. I will use visuals not only because I find it easier but also because I prefer blogs with lots of pictures. The open road. You just have to try it out. I find having a nice riding car makes a world of difference, it's like floating. And, Oh! the curves, it's amazing!Speed limits in excess of 70 make my heart flutter. If I had it my way every highway would be limitless. "No stop signs, speed limits!"The wind in my hair. I know wind blown hair can be a pain but there is nothing like running down the road with the windows rolled down. The wind, the hum of the road, the smell of diesel burning, my, my, my! This is where it gets tough. (For those of you whom just assume be talking/texting instead of driving you need not continue.) I'm cruising down the highway about 70+, radio cranked, and I sort of transcend. I'm pretty high strung and I have a hard time shutting down but speed (no drugs) is a great anecdote. I know it's cliche, but I feel like I become "one with the road," entirely focused and concentrated without stress. Sometimes I even tune out the music. I may not have done a great job at expressing this phenomena but that's precisely why this post is named 'indescribable.' Just grab those keys, fill up the tank, and put that pedal to the metal!

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  1. Yay for freedom and the feeling of wind blowing through your hair!! Which reminds me that we didn't take the Jeep out for a spin while you were here!! I guess that is incentive for another trip down!!