Monday, June 22, 2009


Attempt number 2 at laptop cases:I'm pretty proud of this little number. A much simpler design seems fitting for the "hipster" mac user that I aspire to be. The little, MacBook pro is safely nestled in it's padded, mobile home and it's happy. Everyone can breath easier knowing that it's not going anywhere as it's being support by tow straps rated at 3000lbs. That's how much I love you my shiny Dear!


  1. So I forgot to comment on this in your email!! I love it!! It sure would be nice to have one for my laptop...hint, hint :) I love the straps!! But you should have gone with higher weighted ones. I am not sure that they provide enough support!!

  2. Hey is there a little organization going on in your craft room? I see some peg board!!