Thursday, June 4, 2009

A Fine Line

Art or Craft? it's a fine line. I was watching a program about craftsmen, Craft in America on OETA last night which introduced me to a couple of amazing furniture makers, George Nakashima and Sam Maloof. I am particularly fond of George's work and I thought it somewhat of a coincidence that shortly after I had made the post about my coffee table I ran across George's work which used similar aesthetics when using planed logs:George's work is so elegant and the quality is exquisite. Does he consider himself artist or craftsman?
The line between art and craft has always been of interest to me, my bachelor thesis was heavily based around this concept. It seems that artist scoff when their work is considered 'crafty' and craftsman don't consider themselves artist because their work is about practicality and function. Truth is, both are important it's how one balances them that places them in one category or another, and even then, it's all in the eye of the beholder. It's heavy stuff.
I think what is really important is the actual work, what it says, what it's about and how we perceive it. I think the left side of our brain is always trying to define things, find that one answer that solves everything. Thank goddesses for the right brain! Again, balance, it's all about balance. Before I fall into a deep tangent I want to leave you with the work that corresponded with my bachelor thesis, art or craft?

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