Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Father's Love

Last month I paid homage to a mother's love and with my sudden love for June comes a post for dad. I probably shouldn't advertise this to the world but it's pertinent to the story, I now live alone. My parents have been very supportive, especially my dad who is concerned about me being able to handle the typical 'man chores' (mowing, taking out the trash, getting on the roof to fix the antenna, etc. etc.). Yesterday, I stopped by to see them and say "hi" and my dad hands me one of these: A .38 caliber. He shows me how it works and tells me I need to go out on his land and shoot it to get used to it. I'm hesitant. I don't like guns. I have grown up around them and shot one or two but I have never been drawn to them like the rest of my family. I have no problem with people having/owning guns, it's their right, I just don't feel comfortable having one next to my bed. Someday it may come in handy and since I am trying new things maybe I should give it a shot (literally)?

This is probably strange but I thought it was sweet of my dad to make this gesture (like it or not). He even made my mom shoot several pistols to decide which one would be best for a "wee lass" such as myself. Love you too dad!

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