Sunday, June 28, 2009


I have began a new stencil. I'm two colors in and this humidity isn't helping. I can't go on because the paint isn't drying. It doesn't help that I'm using vinyl wallpaper to paint on but I haven't ran into this problem before.

Patience is virtue, that's all I can say at this point. The painting better turn out magnificent because it's taking all of my will power to refrain from just continuing. I'm trying to do the right thing these days and maybe in return the goddesses will grant me some patience. While I was waiting I cut this little stencil:I sprayed it on the side of some nasty, five gallon bucket I had outside. Considering it only took me about 5 minutes to cut all three colors and about 2 seconds to spray it I think it turned out better than expected. Yesterday I went to Philbrook Museum and it was amazing. I just wish it wouldn't have been so miserable outside. They have such a beautiful garden but I couldn't withstand the heat so I was unable to inspect it thoroughly. Maybe next time. I did take a ton of photos on my phone I just haven't had time to organize them. Tune in tomorrow, and fingers crossed that I will have time to post them.

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  1. What a minute... Tulsa?? I need a phone call and yes I know you called yesterday, but I have a really crappy weekend!! Anyways... fill me in!!