Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Bruce Goff

All mid century modernist love Frank Lloyd Wright (or maybe that's just my romantic idea) but another great modern architect,one of less notoriety, is Bruce Goff. Bruce Goff taught architecture classes at OU for many years and he often came up in my art history classes. His most popular structure is probably the Bavinger House. I haven't been inside but it's not my favorite. I decided long before my knowledge of Goff's work that if I were going to stay in Norman my entire life I wanted to end up in this house:
Turns out the H.E. Ledbetter house (seen above) is in fact a Bruce Goff structure! I'm not surprised, such a bold design had to come from someone adventurous. I just love the car port, it's like a flying saucer, what a statement! I have accepted the fact that I will never live in this house (guess I have to leave Norman) since it's now owned by the OU Board of Regents, hopefully they will honor its integrity and make sure it's maintained.

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    Wasn't the univeristy involved in some manner of course unprosecuted in the torching of Bruce's previous musueam strangely okaying the selling of the land while the glass cullets were still quite warm though fortunately halted by quick action of real bruce goff fans. Excuses of folks questioned being in Europe seems strange but what the hey hearsay is hearsay the truths have never been publicly exposed.