Monday, June 29, 2009

The Philbrook

I really enjoyed this museum. I went alone which was nice. I don't like being rushed while I'm trying to look at art and occasionally there are pieces I can stand in front of for minutes. No agenda, no rush, it was great. I was particularly fond of their security cameras. Maybe more museums are beginning to use cameras instead of "guards" but this is a change I welcome. One thing I always complain about is the way the security tend to alienate people and breath down their necks as they walk through museums. I understand there are ignorant people but the museum is there to display the art. If you really want to preserve the work just lock it in a dark, temperature controlled room and be done with it. (Wow, I'm on a soapbox today, apologies). The Philbrook didn't feel like this and I enjoyed having the "authority" at a distance.

The pictures already!
This is a view as you enter their garden. It's beautiful!
A sculpture in the gardens. A metal tree with glass leaves. The photo does little justice.
I don't believe this was an actual piece but I couldn't help but think about its potential. There is an extension ladder leaning behind it and all I could think about was some covert mission to paint one hell of a stencil on it. It's a blank canvas just waiting to be deflowered!
Before we head back inside I have to show you my favortire piece from the entire museum. Drumroll please...
This is a sculpture by John Kearney titled, Hippo. It is made from welded bumpers. This is such an amazing piece and it seemed casually tucked away in the back of the garden.
It's burning outside, inside we go!
This is a print by Gustave Baumann. Again, since these photos were taken with my phone the quality of the photo does little to describe the magnitude of the piece. Baumann's work inspired me more than any other in the museum. He was a print maker and used woodcuts. The process of his colored wood cuts resembles stencil painting, multiple layers and thorough planning.
Here are a few more pieces that were of interest to me:
Love those "technicolor" pastels!
Reminiscent of the closet in my studio!
Before I wrap it up, I must mention an exhibit that I'm lucky to have caught. This is a "must see" exhibit. Peggy Preheim. Her work is insane! She does tiny pencil drawings so intricate they seem like black and white photographs. As you enter the exhibit they offer magnifying glasses so that you can see the amazing detail of her work. Some of the drawings are as tiny as a postage stamp! They wouldn't allow photographs in this exhibit and it was guarded but photographs couldn't capture the essence of the show. It will be up though July 26.
Well, those are my highlights. Check it out in person if you get a chance!

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