Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Never finished

I tend to over work things until they are so overdone no one can stand to look at them. My laptop bag from the previous post is an exception but I must say that I subtracted from it over and over again. The seam ripper became my best buddy (even Zola was jealous). Ok, to the point already! Here are a couple examples of my love for more...When I stenciled the faces onto the wood they looked pretty nice. But after all, they were just floating heads. They needed something else. I think the one of Joe turned out alright. The minimal color scheme helps it feel less cluttered. The second one (of me) is terrible! I think I overworked it because I'm self conscious. I tried to hide my face in rubbish. The more I look at these pieces the more they grow on me but I don't think I will ever feel confident enough to hang them in the living room. I have a new stencil waiting to be cut but I have been busy with making a website for my class. In the meantime I will try to scrounge up things to post. I apologize in advance for half assed attempts like this post. Good night!

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