Tuesday, May 18, 2010

An Artist Life

Even though I spent more money than I made in the duration of the Blue Dome Festival, I did manage to do some work/crafts. There was a lot of down time. In attempts to use this time as an opportunity to mark a few things off of my lists, I ended up just crafting. Not necessarily a 'waste of time' but instead of accomplishing something that is under a deadline, I just played. I tried to make the best of my scant resources. Just a needle and thread. Simple gal. By Sunday, I had customized my Toms. I suppose embroidering these was better than twiddling my thumbs? I really should have taken Chandra's lead. Chandra spent an afternoon cutting a print which was fun to watch. Then she printed it right on the spot. This drew in several onlookers. She took it one step further by adorning it with her contact info and proceeded to offer them up as free promo. A real businesswoman. Learn something new everyday! In the end, I have Tom's and she has continued, potential cash-flow. Such is the life of an artist!

1 comment:

  1. OMG, I am, like, a SUPERSTAR!!!

    Congrats on your Toms though, they really look great. i wouldn't consider it a complete waste. I have been thinking about buying myself a pair a lot this week....