Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Taurus

Happy birthday Taurus! I am forever bound to the Taurus. Both of my best friends, and most of my 'lasting friends' are Taurus. Call it a coincidence, but it never fails. It's in the stars. I can see them and I believe.

In lieu of this sincere, yet stubborn bunch, I'd like to pay homage to my loyal friends. There are to many to list but today includes three of mention. May 12 is a day of birthdays and full of ones worth celebrating. On the top of the list we have Miss Jamie! One of my dearest friends and neighbor since 5th grade-we really know how to brew trouble!The one-and-only, jack of all trades, Doug Hill. In honor of his 56th year, I dined with the Hills this evening. Doug was off cooking duty and Barb bought us some grub from Norman's Taco Truck. Not bad for food with mobility. We also had margaritas and carrot cake! Fiesta!And, lastly, my boss, Carl (dressed in the white shirt). Whether I want to admit it or not, he has done a lot for me as far as shaping my career and future path. Sort of like an unbiased, no strings-father figure. This photo is hot off the press-taken earlier this afternoon. Today our office had a little get together in honor of Carl's birthday, his completion of law school and a send-off for our graduating student employees. The students demanded that we get an office photo. It's the first and only of it's kind, so feel blessed (or not).

I wouldn't trade a Taurus for anything-they're always there to aid me in my battles,(most of them against the Gemini-my polar opposite) and they deserve three cheers! Hip-Hip-Hip HOORAY and the Happiest Birthday!

ps. Casie, I didn't forget you, you're one helluva a Taurus. X0X0!