Monday, May 24, 2010

Gilcrease Gardens

Hi there! It's been awhile. A lot has happened. As the sun burns brighter and daylight last longer, my plate fills. It's an endless buffet and I have to try everything. I'm a glutton-always to much on my plate. Last Friday I had some Tulsa business to conduct. One of my appointments entertained the idea of a picnic. Since I never leave home without an ice chest I had decided to stock it full of OK coop loot and hit the highway. Midday I headed over to the Gilcrease. I had about an hour and half to spare so I moseyed around the gardens and snacked. It was humid and scorching but beautiful. An eternal view.Friday afternoon, no director, all is well?As you may know, I'm a sucker for the Philbrook but the more I visit the Gilcrease, the more I understand. The Philbrook garden is hard to top, the Gilcrease garden is worth mentioning.Occasionally I stop to smell the flowers. It's rare but surprisingly relaxing. A mini nature hike. It has winding trails that span a hillside. Heavily wooded with just a touch of maintenance makes it feel natural. Aside from the buzz of several mowers, the garden was perfect. Bugs were humming, butterflies fluttering and birds chirping. Secluded and seduced by the world around me,I almost lost track of time. Caught up in serenity. It was a nice break before I had to get back to reality and business obligations. Hopefully my visit will grant me the opportunity to spend more time up at the Gilcrease.

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