Saturday, May 1, 2010

Country Kabobs

I've found I can do simple. Give me a day off work, some sunshine, charcoal and fresh veggies and everything's peachy. Friday, I pulled an evening shift. I got up, lingered a bit and then headed to the country. It was a gorgeous day. I accomplished absolutely nothing (aside from grilling up some kabobs and salmon). My mom and I sipped cocktails and shot the breeze until I was ready to take a nap. By that time, I was due for work. Damn. Just a lesson that if it seems too good, it will probably be short lived.

Good news? It comes in cycles, head up! Today is the first day of MAY! Can you believe it? I can't. I've got birthday after birthday to attend along with weddings and funerals. Again, cycle. Five months into 2010, time flies. I've been living it up, feels good. Sometimes when I'm feeling blue or exhausted I reread my post. Makes me realize it's worth the lack of sleep or a few gray days here and there. Even if it's raining today, based on my previous post, there will be more sunny days than storms. I have to agree with big O for once, HOPE!


  1. You should add some pineapple to your kabobs. It is pretty amazing when grilled.

    Oh, optimism is a great new look for you!

  2. OMG, best idea since sliced bread! I LOVE pineapple!

    Sometimes optimism and I play nice. I try to hold on to it.