Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Blue Dome Beginnings

Last weekend was quite a blur. It’s tough looking back and trying to dissect it. Thursday evening I got a call from Jamie (one of my BFF’s) announcing that her father had passed. Not that it mattered but this threw a kink in the weekend plans. Since the funeral from Friday morning and the check in for the Blue Dome Festival was also Friday morning, I had to think quickly. I ended up hauling the stuff up to Tulsa Thursday night to make it back for the funeral on Friday. After all was said and done, I made four trips up and down the turnpike! Talk about a whirlwind! Once I got settled in, things were running smoothly. I shared a booth with Chandra, friend and fellow artist. Luckily, she took care of everything on Friday so I could be there for Jamie. I also owe her fiancé, Vince, many thanks for helping us throw it together. The weather wasn’t to bad. I heard it did rain quite a bit Friday but Saturday we only saw some sprinkles. By the last day, the sun was shining and the crowd had thickened. After three nights of libations and merrymaking, I can't say I came out ahead but I sure had a blast!

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