Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Bar Sketcher

Since I'll be moving away from good ol' Norman town soon, I've created a loose 'bucket list.' I use the term 'loose' because I have so many list already that this one is a mental list, not worthy of paper. "Norman Specific"

A native to Norman, I'm ashamed to say that it took me 24 years to see Mike Hosty perform. He's a local celeb and rightfully so. He plays Sunday nights at 'The Deli' and boy, does he shake the house! Hitting the stage around 11pm on a weeknight, with a line out the door, he must be doing something right.

While he does play in the 'Hosty Duo,' (which I also plan on catching before I migrate) his solo act is rather impressive. A one-man-band!

After a few glasses of whiskey and a beer, I was ready to move. With bouncy, blues melodies, I couldn't help but shake all over. I can't remember the last time I had such a boot-scootin' evening! I was so pumped I decided to try my hand at life sketching in a bar (another thing I've never attempted). It was dark and I was to 'involved' to hold a pencil steady, but the the drawings are pretty entertaining. He mentioned a few of Norman's mainstays: Sugars, Ace Hardware and Sooner Dairy. Classy man. One of Hosty's 'schticks' is improvised Birthday songs. The friends of the honoree write down a few facts about them and Hosty takes it from there. One of four birthday stars, Kat, was also a shaker, cute girl! She was hoppin' around so much she was hard to capture-hard to handle! Strangely enough, as the night prolonged, my drawings seemed to get better (mildly). Again, it was dark, smokey and elbow-elbow. At least, I had a decent view. These drawings can't even begin to capture the Sunday night, Hosty experience. The energy grew exponentially as the night progressed, there was no way I was cuttin' lose before the bar closed. If you haven't done it-DO IT. If you can stand drinking bad beer-get the red cup (house specialty).

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