Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Spicy Island Gingerbread

Yesterday evening started off lazy and managed to build until I was busting my hump over a toasty oven. It was lovely. When I arrived home I was feeling worn out. I grabbed a book and sat still for a brief moment. Then, I had a visitor. It was off to McNellies for $3 burger night and that's when I was done for. Up until midnight (or later). After dinner, I came home and decided to tear up the kitchen. I've been collecting ingredients for a Spicy Island Gingerbread recipe from the last book I read and last night I was prepared. This book made me want to run away to the Caribbeans and never look back. On top of a romantic, cruise, Ann Vanderhoof provided island recipes to compliment each anchorage they stopped in at the end of every chapter. Her 'Spicy Island Gingerbread' was intense in ingredients and flavor but well worth the effort. It includes nearly every medium of ginger imaginable: ginger beer, grated fresh ginger root, crystallized ginger and ground ginger etc. A moist and fragrant cake/bread with just the right amount of bite, I'm pleased. The island approves! Another success in the kitchen!

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