Monday, May 24, 2010

Swappy Swap

The wonderful world of flikr granted me the opportunity to participate in a needlework swap. I love swaps and having organized one, I can fully appreciate them. I mailed my contribution to Sarasota Flordia last Saturday. The theme of the swap was 'Zen.' Quite general, I look forward to seeing the interpretations. My initial thought was predator and prey as friends. Lion and lamb nestled closely. Or, hawk and bunny frolicking through green grass. A bit cliche, I wanted to take it closer to the edge. After a little brainstorming among friends, I came up with this: "Zen is an elderly praying mantis couple" A bit grim if you consider it doesn't happen in nature, making peace unreachable. Oh well, symbolism and reality are my thing. Take it or leave it. This afternoon I came home to a package! My loots! Check it out: Zen as told by Giggly Mama. The colors are fabulous and style and craftsmanship is impeccable. A real success! Well done.Swap magic!

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