Monday, May 10, 2010

Texas Big

Friday, T and I headed across the Red River for a short stay in Fort Worth. My maternal grandfather lives in Fort Worth and he was happy to host us for the weekend. We arrived Friday evening, had a nice dinner and prepared for our wild Saturday. It was day packed full of retail shopping, museum exhibits, eating, and planning our night on the town. I voted for Fort Worth's famous, Bill Bob's but we opted out for T's sake. She forgot her cowboy boots. Instead, we hit up H3 and shared a 32oz. porterhouse steak and walked around the stock yards a bit. My meat consumption for the week.
It's a hoppin' little area with plenty of boot scootin' opportunities. After we over-stayed our welcome in cow town, we decided to play the other side.
We cruised downtown. It was like night and day moving from the stockyards to the girls prancing around in 4" heels, dressed in Prada. Either way, I love both areas for all that they offer. We stopped by a beer joint and knocked down a few on their rooftop patio. It was a fabulous evening. Since we had done the beer and steak, we decided we'd top the evening off with cocktails. Around the corner, through an alley and down an elevator we found the 'Scat Jazz Lounge.' With a hefty cover, I had high expectations. This joint, exceeded my wildest dreams. In fact, I recall asking T, 'Is this real?' The band was incredible. They played a fusion of swing and rockabilly. The crowd was hoppin' and their were people dancing! A sensory overload, zoot suits and all-it was straight out of a Sinatra flick. I was in heaven. I just wish I would have packed my mink stole. Sunday, my grandpa whipped up a nice, home cooked brunch and saw us off. We left happy and exhausted. I still had mother's day festivities to participate so my weekend was full to the brim. Today has been a little rough but looking back, I wouldn't change a thing. Everything's bigger in Texas!

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