Sunday, May 2, 2010

Triple Threat

In a few weeks I'll be participating in Tulsa's Blue Dome Festival. I'm sharing a booth with a friend of mine from art school. If you're in the area you should swing by and show some love. This weekend I was hanging out my buddies and fellow craftsters, Barb and T. We make up 'Triple Threat Talent.' We've done several shows and we always have a blast. While I look forward to working with Chandra for the Blue Dome, I'm going to miss my usual crew. Even more so when I'm 100 miles away. Triple Threat will demote to a 'double threat,' brings a tear ro my eye. It just doesn't have the same ring.
I joked with Barb and T about subletting my spot. Applications are out! Really though, these girls are solid and I'm going to miss them. They've promised to make the hike and I know I can trust them. No craft shows in the work but we always manage to create a wave of ruckus during our social outings. (Spotted at 66 Bowls, annual 'Rock n Roll Garage Sale').

Photos by Doug Hill.

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