Wednesday, May 26, 2010


This week I dished out several apologies. Even through my sincerity, I could still feel the disappointment and shock from those involved in my poor planning. I needed advice and I got it. I chose wisely, called a seasoned and deeply moral lady, she suggested I write them a handwritten note expressing my regret. Genius! I took it a step further and customized them with some water colors. Late nights in the kitchen with a large palette. A fan of expensive cameras and photography. 2010, 6.2 L SS Camaro. Burn rubber!Endless coffee and donuts stacked sky high. Typical office.

I think they were a hit. Hopefully they got the point across and perhaps forgiveness and acceptance are on the way. Luckily, I think the disappointment that resonated in the room was centered around the nature of the information and not the poor circumstances in which it was disclosed. A little cryptic, but basically, 'the cat's out of the bag.' I'll further explain in due time, for now, enjoy a little art.

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  1. I would have stolen the Polaroid one if I saw it...