Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mess Making

This week has been ridiculous. I have been dangerously juggling my social life with preparations for a three day art festival in Tulsa. My studio is mess and still, nothing is really 'ready.' A little peek at a new piece. It's still in the works, slowly progressing. Yet another work in progress. These heads are part of an installation piece I plan on wrapping up before I'm off to grad school. Here, I'm toying around with construction. Also, note the watercolor in the background? It was done by my roommate and it hangs on the wall with the rest of my 'bastard' paraphernalia.' Blue Dome is fast approached and I'm runnin' out of daylight! At the bare minimum, I have a place to stay and if all else fails, I'll have three free days in T-town! Head up! I hope you guys can make it out. We'll be located around 1st and Elgin (as far as I know). It's going to be packed full of artist, fair food-a prime people watching opp. Just keep your fingers crossed for sunshine! No rain dances, please!

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