Monday, May 10, 2010

The Modern

One of the driving forces in my decision to make a visit to Fort Worth was the Warhol exhibit at the Fort Worth Modern. The Modern is one of my favorite museums. The building is absolutely stunning and they have a top notch permanent collection. The Warhol exhibit will be moving along next weekend so I had a limited window. I'm happy it worked out. The pieces spanned the last eight years of Andy's life. I was amazed at how varied the pieces were. It seemed like the work should span decades, but he did it all in eight years! While the exhibit was quite expansive, filling three large galleries, I longed for more. Most were large scaled and filled with bold, graphic imagery. I would have moved in if I were allowed. Photos were not permitted so I urge you to see for yourself. You+The Modern=Love Tangled. Metallic Trees seen across the Modern's reflecting pool. We're here, very pleased!

If you can't make it before the Warhol show is torn down, at least make a note to see the Fort Worth Modern. You won't be disappointed. Unless, of course, you aren't a fan of contemporary art. If your heart desires western classical/historical walk over to the Kimball and/or check out the Amon Carter-it will surely satisfy your love for everything American. As you can see, Fort Worth has quite the museum complex. Something for everyone and cultured.

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